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MSSQL Query Join not Grouping

Please refer to attached images for better explanation.  This is very difficult to articulate in words.  

Back story:  This query is for a restaurant loyalty system and tracking card members visits/ticket details.  

I have the query seen in before.png that is correctly joining all the tables and giving the information needed.  There is a count and a sum to show the total number of visits and amount spent.  The client wants to be able to limit the data to specific items sold within the tickets.  When I add in the table that contains the items sold per ticket it throws the numbers way off because the sum and count are treating the added table as a multiplier for each item sold see after.png.  I dont need any results from the added table I just need to include in the where statement a where itemid = 'XX'.

Any help greatly appreciated!  Please let me know if you need anymore information.
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