How to "hide" or "suppress" without disturbing formulas

I'm trying to build a "summary only" report but to get my calculations I have subreports and detail info which I need to "hide" or "suppress".

The problem is when I "hide" or "suppress" those sections the formula values don't calculate.

Can you think of any way around this?  My client won't want to scroll through many pages to see the final values.

Thanks in advance!

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Are the formulas calculating totals using variables?
If so simply change your formulas so they display nothing (empty string)

Global NumberVar MyTotal;
MyTotal := 0;

Open in new window

For subreports make sure they don't display anything
Remove the border around it (FORMAT SUBREPORT)

You can then suppress sections with the SUPPRESS BLANK SECTION option in the SECTION EXPERT

FWIW, I've never noticed a problem with formulas if I suppress a section.  The formulas always seemed to be evaluated anyway.  But it might be different in different versions of CR.

 For the subreports, in addition to the things that mlmcc mentioned, go into "Format Subreport", select the Subreport tab, and select the "Suppress blank supreport" option.

 If you simply suppress a subreport, or the section that it's in, then the subreport won't be run.  But if you use the options that we mentioned, the subreport is run (and sets any variables), but it doesn't produce any output, so the blank subreport is suppressed, and if that's the only thing in the main report section, then the main report section is suppressed.


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SStrozAuthor Commented:
I'm using Crystal 2008.  This isn't looking good.  I tried removing some of the fields from the subreport and it's not working so I guess the answer is, yes, my variables are relying on those fields.  

An additional twist is I actually have two groups so if I have to show the subreports (even if they're reduced or small, or use white fonts, etc) I may have a lot of space before my totals.

Any other ideas?

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Can you upload the report file?

Who said anything about removing fields from a subreport?
 Feel free to remove any fields that you don't actually need, but that really has nothing to do with "hiding" the subreport.

 Do the subreports produce any output (fields, etc.) that you actually need to see?  If not, start by simply suppressing every section in a subreport.  The subreport should still be run, and set the variables, but not produce any visible output.

 It will still occupy some space on the main report, but, as we described earlier, you can then go into the subreport format and check the "Suppress blank subreport" option.  Then the subreport won't be shown at all (but it will still be run).

 And if there is nothing else in the main report section that contains that subreport, check the "Suppress blank section" option for that section of the main report.  Then the section that contains that subreport should be suppressed, but the subreport will still be run.

SStrozAuthor Commented:
Thanks for taking a look.  Go easy on me - I'm not a guru yet!   ; )

If you don't need to see the output from those subreports, did you try the things I suggested.  The subreports won't be shown at all, but you still get your totals.

SStrozAuthor Commented:
Mike & James,

Thanks for your patience here.  After digging in a little deeper your suggestions worked perfectly!

Thanks so much for your help here!!!

You're welcome.  Glad I could help.

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