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edit html

I have a website that has simple, word only pages (price lists).
Need to be able to give these pages to someone with no knowledge of html to edit just the prices and some simple text.
If I open the page in an html editor that I use, it shows all the code then the person has to search for each price, bit of text, etc. and change it without altering the actual code and format of the page.
If you click on the document it will open it in a browser and obviously it can't be edited there.
Can this be done as if editing a Word document? Simple enough that I can give to an employee to simply alter.
Thanks in advance.
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Sigurdur Armannsson
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I would check with the web guy if it wouldn't be best if you handed over a Word document that list what is going to be changed and to what. Any clear description along with each change would make it easier for him to find it and change it.

Even an table in Excel might be useful to distinguish from what to what.

There is to my knowledge no platform other to communicate between the layman and the coder than to deliver some easy to find what should be changed and to what.
In my experience, when you have someone with no HTML knowledge edit an HTML document, it shows (poorly) in the results.  It's just not a good idea.
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Marcellino Santoso
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