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sql server 2008 how do I create view by other user

Hi All,
 How do I in Sql server create a View / Table by other user ?

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Can you please clarify what you mean with "by other user"?
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my username in the server is jmua123
I have another username which is yuv123

I need a syntax write a create command which be executed as yuv123 & NOT by me jmua123

so yuv123 wil be the creator & owner etc.. of this table
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something like execute command as other user
Could you clarify why you need to do this? Also, if this other user has rights to create and own a view, why don't you just login as this user and run the command under that login?
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I cannot login by the second username name because the permissions are windows authentications

In addition we connect the sql server via Citrix

the second user doesn't have a citrix account, so it's a little bit difficult to login as the second user
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If you wnat other user to use or be able to select from view you can grant him select by using this
GRANT SELECT ON DB_NAME.VIEW_NAME TO [your_domain_name\yuv123];

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and if you wand that user to be able to give grants to other users you just add WITH GRANT OPTION after his username.

And since you mentioned it is domain user you need to put his username in following form [domain\user] i.e. [your_domain_name\yuv123]
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How do I make him the owner of the table ?

not only to give him select permission
use this :

EXEC sp_changeobjectowner 'view_name', 'your_domain_name\yuv123'

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Vitor Montalvão
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