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Is there an Excel function to display the active workbook name in a cell ?

Hi All,

Is there an Excel function I can use to display the name of the workbook currently open. Or can this only be done in VBA ?

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
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=CELL("filename"; A2)
more details on the CELL function:

note: as long as the workbook was not saved, this function will return empty
Define WorkbookName

RefersTo: =GET.DOCUMENT(88)

in A1


It'll give you even if the workbook is not saved.

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Thanks Guy. It's almost what I want, except I don't want the full file path. Only the filename. Is this possible ?
Read the sentence as "It'll give you the workbook name even if the workbook is not saved."

Somehow I couldn't edit my post.

Here's the define...

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But I'm getting a #NAME? error in the cell.
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Whoops ! Yep you were right. Thanks for that. Works great.