How do I recover a vba project in Excel?

I am not sure what I did but a VBA project that listed in my excel workbook went missing.  I can see the project in a directory. How can I add the reject back into the Excel  workbook.
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not clear what you mean by 'I can see the project in a directory' ?
In what form ? what is the file extention ? try putting .xlsm as file extention if it was originally an Excel VBA macro.
rhservanAuthor Commented:
That is a good possibility.  Not in the office at this Time will follow up later.  Thais for quick response.
Your welcome keep me posted.
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Sometimes you wind up saving code as a separate module (usually called module 1, module 2 etc.) rather than within the intended worksheet.  If this is your problem do the following ...

> Double click on the module on the left
> Highlight/select all the code and copy it (ctrl + c)
> Double click on the intended worksheet on the left
> Paste the code in on the right (ctrl +v)
> When you are happy everything is working okay you can delete the module provided
   there is no working code remaining (ignore the export option).
> If you are worried about deleting the module, just comment out the code
   and check that everything is still working.
rhservanAuthor Commented:
Yesterday everything was working fine. No changes have been made to any code for a couple of years.

I may have been prompted regarding macros and replied incorrectly. But I really can't tell you for sure.  Just the xla file is missing from the workbook.

The missing file in the workbook Is an xla file.  
The workbook is an xltx file.
These are the original and the current file extension.

I can see the missing .xla file in the directory.

Other xltx files may have been affected.
.xla is an addon file
although it is there if it does not show on your workbook when you open it this means it is not activated.

Depending on the Excel version you have it differs to explain how. Presume you have Excel 2003 but will leave you to advise.
It is definitively an Excel 2003 or prior.

Do this.
1) Open Excel blank
2) Open the Tool menu and Choose Addin
3) From the Addin list check which one is the one that need to be ticked I am sure you know which one is missing.
4) tick it and close the workbook.
5) Open any of your workbooks and it should work now.

rhservanAuthor Commented:
Sorry no tools on menu.
What version of Excel !
rhservanAuthor Commented:
I think this may make it a little more complicated:

this is in an application named SAP BPC.  And they have locked out Tools from working on the menu.

They have excel 2007 installed. They are using Excel 2007 and although I can add the Tools under customization it does not show up.
For Excel 2007 do the following

1) open Blank Excel
2) Press on the Office Logo Top left corner then choose Excel Options
3) In the Excel Options Left Pane Choose Add-In
4) In the Buttom of the Screen you have a combobox that should say Excel Add-In and beside it a button GO. Press on GO
5) Now you will have the Addin Form pop-up look in the list for your corresponding addin and tick it and press ok. Close Excel and Exit
6) Open your workbook and check that it is working.

rhservanAuthor Commented:
Okay goflow, I understand and applied your recommendations about adding an add-in above.  I was able to browse for the add-in and place a check mark on the item.  
However, it does not show up in the VBA Project list.  Please advise.
Your add-in should be in this directory:

<UserNameLogedIn> = the user name you log in Windows.


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