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Outlook 2013 - Error 2203 An internal error has occured

When opening Outlook 2013 we get this message:

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We've just installed Office 2013 on a new Citrix environment, which has policies in effect to redirect the temp location to a subfolder on the C drive for each user (for easy housekeeping) - as such Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders has been edited to move this location.

This location is then mapped to a mapped drive letter which is then hidden, as C drive is disabled by policy.

Any ideas how I can stop the error? My initial research suggests a non-writable temp location. The permissions have been set correctly on the folder.
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Sekar Chinnakannu
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can you make sure users have full access to those folders, check permissions. Once you give full access give a try
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Users have full access to the redirected temp directory, yep.
can you try to repair the ms office and make sure you able to install successfully. once done try to open same on server and check.
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Thank you for your assistance Sekar.
Fixed it myself by intensively troubleshooting what was triggering the installer to launch.