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countifs formula with indirects

Hi Experts  EXCEL 2010

Need a countifs formula to do the following:

If cell A1 sheet apple is red, then look in sheet pivot column b2  ('pivot'!b15:b200) range formula. And count all the reds in the data range and also look in column  g2 ('pivot'!g15;g200) formula..and count the "(blank)" return the result.

Apologies  unable to upload sample file.
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Professor J

when u say red you mean the font color or background color?
Can you post a sample please ?
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Hi how flow
Thanks  for the feedback..nearly worked it would I amend


THE ANSWER is 20 getting 0..cannot see my error

You are missing something after te second SheetName or the ) is wrong what is it ? it gives an error
No error  just returns zero  value.
sorry but
means nothing

you need to have a cell after !

Sorry c3...and still zero..error  in posting question on my part.
mmmm YOU from all the people in here should know better than that !!!!

let me see
Why don't you post this sample workbook and make my life easier !!!!

I tried

and get #REF! error

please if you need help help us when we ask for sample workbook
I think it to do with < not begin recongised  as text..
pls let us think ... we are here for that simply post a sample that has the data.
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Jacques Geday
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