Cisco CUM 9 and H323 trunk with Avaya CM6


I am more familiar with Avaya Call manager then the Cisco. I have a H.323 trunk up between the sites, but when I get a call up, the Cisco call manager doesn't know what to do with the call.  I get the error on my Avaya system as denial event 1166: Unassigned number D1=0x830014 D2=0x7a0f01” which means that cisco CM has no clue what to do with the call. I am sending the correct 7 digits.  Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to troubleshoot this or even setup a call trace
James SmithAsked:
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José MéndezCommented:
The H323 trunk defined in Callmanager will have a section called Inbound Calls, below you will find a field called Calling Search Space. A Calling Search Space is pretty much a keyring. Say you want to reach number 123 4567 in Callmanager. Make sure there is a pattern that matches 123 45667 and that it is associated to a Route Partition contained within the Calling Search Space of the Trunk.

You can use the Dialed Number Analyzer to understand how Callmanager treats inbound calls from atrunk:

Open -> replace with your Callmanager IP address
Open the Analysis menu and click on Trunk
Find your trunk and click on it
Type the called number in the  Dialed Digits field
The calling number may be anything for these purposes
Click on Do Analysis

You will see in great detail if the called  number is blocked or routed, and if so, how.
James SmithAuthor Commented:
Hi and thank you for the reply.
The only items I have configured in the Cisco CM
1.      Device gateway for my Avaya Cm
2.      Route Patter if you dial 888xxxx it will go to the avaya gateway

My Avaya trunk shows up so I figured that was all I needed to do.
I do not have anything configured under device trunk, except the PSTN inbound from my DC Cube.

So could you walk me through what I need to add the trunk and or any other into need to configure? This is only going to be used for 7 digit dialing.

Attached is the trunk screen in the cisco CM.
José MéndezCommented:
If you have a H323 gateway, it applies the same for Inbound calls. Check what I suggested initially in your gateway defined in Callmanager, just replace the word trunk, with gateway.
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James SmithAuthor Commented:
I am unsure what area you are refering too. Looks like i have 3 spots, please see attached.
James SmithAuthor Commented:
For DNA i only get this

Results Summary
Calling Party Information
Calling Party = 8018755
Partition =
Device CSS =
Line CSS =
AAR Group Name =
Dialed Digits = 8996100
Match Result = RouteThisPattern
Matched Pattern Information
Pattern = 899XXXX
Partition =
Time Schedule =
Called Party Number = 8996100
Time Zone =
End Device = SIP_Direct_Avaya
Call Classification = OnNet
InterDigit Timeout = NO
Device Override = Disabled
Outside Dial Tone = NO
Call Flow
TranslationPattern :Pattern=
Partition =
Positional Match List = 8996100
Calling Party Number = 8018755
PreTransform Calling Party Number =
PreTransform Called Party Number =
Calling Party Transformations
External Phone Number Mask = NO
Calling Party Mask =
Prefix =
CallingLineId Presentation =
CallingName Presentation =
Calling Party Number = 8018755
ConnectedParty Transformations
ConnectedLineId Presentation =
ConnectedName Presentation =
Called Party Transformations
Called Party Mask =
Discard Digits Instruction =
Prefix =
Called Number =
Route Pattern :Pattern= 899XXXX
Positional Match List = 8996100
DialPlan =
Route Filter
Filter Name =
Filter Clause =
Require Forced Authorization Code = No
Authorization Level = 0
Require Client Matter Code = No
Call Classification =
PreTransform Calling Party Number = 8018755
PreTransform Called Party Number = 8996100
Calling Party Transformations
External Phone Number Mask = NO
Calling Party Mask =
Prefix =
CallingLineId Presentation = Allowed
CallingName Presentation = Allowed
Calling Party Number = 8018755
ConnectedParty Transformations
ConnectedLineId Presentation = Allowed
ConnectedName Presentation = Allowed
Called Party Transformations
Called Party Mask =
Discard Digits Instruction = None
Prefix =
Called Number = 8996100
Device :Type= SIPTrunk
End Device Name = SIP_Direct_Avaya
PortNumber =
Device Status = UnKnown
AAR Group Name =
AAR Calling Search Space =
AAR Prefix Digits =
Call Classification = OnNet
Calling Party Selection = Originator
CallingLineId Presentation = Default
CallerID DN =
Alternate Matches
José MéndezCommented:
Here, check this video to fully understand calling search spaces and partitions. Your first attachment shows that there is no inbound calling search space. After viewing this video you should be able to determine which is the appropriate CSS.
James SmithAuthor Commented:
Thank you,

I am opening a ticket with Cisco, we do not have a CSS on this Gateway.
José MéndezCommented:
The more reason to check CSS and partitions. No CSS means CM will only match patterns in the None partition.

Lets assume your DNA results posted before are correct. You analyzed an inbound call sourcing from the Avaya H323 trunk with calling number 8 018755  and called number 8996100.

As you can see, this call is being routed out of the Callmanager through a SIP trunk called SIP_Direct_Avaya

End Device = SIP_Direct_Avaya

So it looks like it is coming in and out, toward that Avaya device. The called number seems to be maintained, so it could very well be that the SIP_Direct_Avaya device on the other end is getting an INVITE to 8996100, and returning a 404 NOT FOUND reply to call mnager, translating into a UNALLOCATED NUMBER in the H.323 leg.

Callmanager is doing this because the call matches the Route Pattern 899XXXX .

Why dont you do this: Create a directory number (under the call routing menu) 8996100, and assign that directory number to a phone registered to the Callmanager. You sould be able to override the precedence of pattern  899XXXX and ring the IP pHone instead.

Its one way to prove where the issue is, because you haven't specified what should callmanager be doing with incoming calls from the Avaya trunk
James SmithAuthor Commented:
Issue was the h323 trunk was pointed to the wrong IP on the cisco side.

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