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migrating 2008 to 2012

Hi there

Any issues to be wary of?

Clearly need to migrate roles etc and decommission old boxes.  we have mixture of physical and virtual dcs.
running exchange 2010 sp4 i think

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A Karelin

There is sp3 for exchange 2010 and CU7. Better will make update Exchange before migration.
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sorry, must be sp3 and ur6 then
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DNS, DHCP, Print (sorry), one acts as proxy (sorry) and one has some cloud ldap sync software on (again sorry)

I plan to promote a remote DC first (over a VPN) but not sure (from memory) if it will work as not in same site (based on exchange sp3 update in the past)
DNS is fine; that will be replicated over with AD once they are promoted

the site of the server to be promoted doesn't matter
as long as the site is defined in AD with its related subnet, i don't see any issues
exchange is more sensitive as far as having the schema master in the same site for updates, but AD only needs to be able to contact the server with those roles; doesn't have to be in the same AD site
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guess i need to update schema from 2k8 to r2?
that will be done during the promotion process

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