Cannot copy files to a mapped drive, can to a shortcut though

Mapped a server share from another new server. Z:\data. Cannot copy files to the mapped drive. If I create a desktop shortcut such as \\server\data, I can copy files to the shortcut. Is this an SMB issue?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Are you using similar copy for both methods, e.g. Windows Explorer?
Does it work from a different station?
dronethoughtAuthor Commented:
Windows explorer. From one Windows 2012 server to another.
A KarelinCommented:
Are you map to "Z:"  "\\server\data" or "\\server"?
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dronethoughtAuthor Commented:
A KarelinCommented:
Do you have enabled UAC? Change this, remap drive.

Try to change a drive letter. Check pagefile options, change them and try to copy again. Did you look for errors or warrnings in Event viewer?

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dronethoughtAuthor Commented:
Tried all solutions. Was not resolved. Used a shortcut in this case
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Hi dronethought... Just wondering if you still need help with this or not. Either way, if you would close your question appropriately we'd really appreciate it.
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