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Richard KortsFlag for United States of America

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View Hidden Excel Columns

See attached (sent to me by someone else). Note there is column A, then C.

I want to see B.

I seem to recall in prior versions of Excel if you move the mouse over the column line (between A & C), it would change to a double vertical bar and you could drag them apart. Not now.

Excel version 14.0.7128.5000 / part of Office 2010.

How can I see B?
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Haris Dulic
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Professor J

select from A to C columns.  then right click and on the menu select unhide columns
Haris ,   few seconds difference
Professor it is almost a minute :)
Hi rkorts,

What happens when you move your mouse slightly to the right of the column line between the A & C headings?  On my Excel 2010 this is when the vertical bar becomes double.  If you're pointing at the column line, it will be single.
When it's double, you should be able to drag right to reveal column B.
Works for me.

Let me know what happens for you, please.

Does my suggestion above work for you, rkorts?