HDMI Audio stops between TiVo XL and Vizio TV M552i-B2 (55")

When several combinations of TiVo (live or playback)  pause/rewind/fastforward -to- resume forward,  audio stops in the TV.
By experimentation we have found that HDMI audio is restored when any of the following are done:
- turn off/on TV
- unplug/plug in HDMI cable
- cycle thru any combination of TV INPUTS, and back to the HDMI being used.

Cycling thru any TiVo options does NOT restore the audio (live vs. recording vs. random combinations, channel flipping, etc.)

It's interesting that during when the audio is failing for TV programming (recorded or live),
if i switch to TiVo system setup menus, certain TiVo menu contexts do sound the keystroke click and the tuner signal strength pitches -- but these are TiVo-box-generated sounds as opposed to live TV or recorded program audio.

When the audio is failing, both the TV spkrs and the LINE OUT are silent.  I do not know
about the TV's digital optical output.

To make the situation happen ( = audio fail),  it seems to be triggered by any of a number of seemingly random sequences.  i've not taken the time to log exact sequences and see
if it's repeatable.  sometimes it's just one pause, most of the time just one pause and resume does NOT trigger it.

I'm unfamiliar with the HDMI handshake protocol, and thus do not know how to
debug whose "fault" this is (TiVo or Vizio,  or an unfortunate combination).
Because the TiVo-generated sounds do always come thru, i'm suspecting it's a TiVo
problem.  I just want some more information before i spend grueling hours with TiVo support
who may not be able to cope with technical details.

There is some discussion on the web about TiVo and audio systems, but i could not
find this behavior (Vizio or other brand).

Anyone have experience with this type of problem, or suggestions for further debugging?
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RayData AnalystCommented:
For 'grins and giggles' I'd try a different HDMI cable just to be certain there is nothing flaky with that before I spent any time with TiVo Support.

My TiVo box exhibits none of the issues you're having, although it does have it's own issue :-)
willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
i forgot to mention that  there's no difference in behavior when using other HDMI cables and/or
alternate HDMI TV inputs (HDMI2, HDMI3)

so you have these exact models of tivo and vizio and no problem with HDMI?
Hi, I cant picture your setup at all and have never used a Tivo but to my knowledge >>HDMI audio,, is this part of the hdmi video cable?
I agree with Ray. Have the HDMI cable replaced or tested.

I do have lots of experience with cabling and wiring TV to various hardware.
If you could describe how you have set it up so I can see your connections in my head, what cables are you using from Tivo set top box to the TV,  and vizio sound system?  
what type of TV is it.

You have a TV and Tivo box? anything else connected?
Stereo Amplifier or receiver? PC? Internet?

When several combinations of TiVo << this could explain it.
I used to get a problem with video playback from a DVD if my cables were plugged into the wrong connections from the DVD player to the TV. DVD have a specific  dedicated protocol with connections.
It's possible that most of the programs on this Tivo set top box have a dedicated protocol as well.
Here in Australia our cable TV supply a set top box for the purposes of recording and playback through it.
when I use my own DVR the movie network on cable TV will not record.
To illustrate
What I have is a Pioneer twin HD  TV tuner DVR , it records  to a HDD and has a DVD player burner
the foxtel cable  TV set top box  is connected to it .
The TV  is connected to the Pioneer DVR through the AVS
The  raspberry  connected to TV HDMI 1
The stereo Amplipher is connected to the TV.
Then I have  video audio switch everything is connected to that so I can switch between them
There is a language and kind of protocol with audio communication/and video and what plugs to use with what connections/devices.
Take a DVD player, if it is connected to the wrong line in on the TV playback goes dark then light.

As I see it everything should be connected to your Tivo.
If you have the Tivo connected to the TV with hdmi cable and it includes audio there is a problem .
How do you record? Using the TV?
There is considerable help here on Visio, so if you can share what is connected to what then I'll see if I can help
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willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
the models are in the title
i did mention that different cables don't make a difference.

tivo output goes directly to vizio input.

i'm asking for specific help if anyone has this combination of models and has had this problem.
willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
turns out it is a bug in the TiVo software/box.
THere's a PCM parameter that one changes, and that fixed it.
evidently it randomly stops audio encoding out to the HDMI port

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willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
finally tivo support responded after NUMEROUS iterations.
this does not seem to be mentioned anywhere on the web.
i hope this may help someone else.
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