windows in search files displays files that I cant find

Hi Experts,
I made a windows search for a particular file, and I got a listing for over 150 files, most of them in one directory,
1- When I look at that folder I only see one file.
2- How is that possible at all to have more then one file named the same in one folder?
attaching screenshot.
please advise
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A KarelinCommented:
Search can see into zip file.

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The files have different "modified time" stamp, looks more as a history of the same file.
Your system seems Win XP.
It is very possible to be some bugs of the XP.
Do you have the "show hidden files" option active?

I would try to update the XP and clean it with some programs as CCleaner, SpyBot Search and Destroy and maybe 1-2 clean registers. Try also Run --> sfc /scannow
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
I agree that some of the "duplicate" entries might result from 4 different ZIP files. But that huge amount (probably) indicates that the Search Index is outdated or bogus. Reindex via Index Options » Advanced.
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bfuchsAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts,
Thanks for replying.

@A Karelin, Olemo
As you can see on screenshot, when files are in a zip file it get displayed, for me this looks like certain bug, I also realized that for those unknown files the full path is not displayed, see attached.
where di I get this Index options? (win XP Pro)

My windows updates are up to date, the same with my virus protection, however I will try running that scan program (at the moment its asking for the XP CD and I have to locate it..).
BTW, how do I perform file searches in Win7? in that place type in file or program I don't have the ability to specify file location etc..

Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
If you mean in the Start Menu - this will just use the index, and search in all indexed locations.
The search as you are used to can be found In Explorer (again). Change the location you want to search in, and type into the search box of Explorer (not Start Menu).

Forget about the XP Indexing options, you don't use them as it seems. But the repeated entries are from archive folders - it is a bad thing XP does not show the file they are in, but the (relative) folder tree, which is not unique and complete - or in short useless that way.
Because I did not like Win7 and Win8 search, I used for a while 2 programs:
Super Finder XT -,0301-26251.html
UltraSearch -

Here is the free edition of CCleaner:
bfuchsAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts,

I found the culprit, its a backup software that is running somewhere and creates all those files in zip folders.
The reason I didn't accept this answer at first place was due to the fact that the search engine did display some files within zip folders along with their full path, however what I concluded now is that this is only true when the files is under the root folder of the zip file, but when this is embedded deep into folders within the zip, it will only display the folders names without the full path, like in this example (Conversion\mde) which is really under F\MyBackupFolder\WeeklyBackups\Backup1234.Zip..

Thanks very much for your help!!
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