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Display current day and time in google sheet

Sheet:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hpp_HYEOVPzBnfCRZwQfpsYuAxkK8e31OVeFzAz4tsg/edit#gid=323269223

The current formula on row 12 is this =IF(E12="","",IF(E12="+","+",text(now()+5/24+E12/24,"ddd hh:mm a")))
However, it appears wrong because it only produces an AM value instead of both.

I need to base the current day and time in cell F12 and the offset in the adjacent E12 cell using a formula.  Using the fill handle, I need the rest of the cells to fill with the current time based on their offsets.

Assistance in correcting this is greatly appreciated.
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