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Report Manager for SSRS

I have a client that wants be to make some reports for them and then deploy them to report manager.  What do they need on their machine setup to make this work.  I do know that they have sql server but that is all i know for now.
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I think they meet all the requirements but what do i need to do in order to get it up and running?
How do i get to the SQL Server installation wizard?
Put the SQL Server CD in, and choose AutoRun.
Its on the clients computer and i will more then likely remote into it..
If you can't put in the CD, then download it from Microsoft. You may need the license key, though, which would be in the CD box.
Can you give me a link?
Can you give me a version.
I'm not sure yet .. they have not gotten back to me.  If for some reason they come back that they don't have sql server at all would it work to use one of the free versions of SQL Server
You could use an Evaluation edition for 180 days. There's also a Developer edition, but that's only for test environments.
How about the express version?
The Express version supports limited SSRS features.

See this webpage for more information:
OK if they have SQL Server 2012 where would i go to download just the SSRS stuff
You can't just download the SSRS stuff. You download the entire installation, and then you select as part of the installation only those features you want to install.

Here is the link for SQL Server 2012 Express:

Here is the link for SQL Server 2014: