Exchange 2010 Migration to Exchange 2013 Questions/Survey

Hello everyone,

I would like to know what kind of informative questions that I can ask my client in regard to small details that might affect their current infrastructure which has multiple integrated applications with Exchange 2010 or the upgrade process in general... I will give some examples that came to my mind but would appreciate if anyone with extensive experience of Exchange migration for big enterprises to help me with more questions.

1- What are the IP range of printers that you're currently using and want Exchange relay for.
2- What are the web servers that are using Exchange for mail reply/forward ..etc

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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAsked:
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
What is your role in this migration, According to that I can answer. Are you going to design the solution or implement the solution. As both roles are different.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Both Design, plan and implementation. i'll do everything in the project from A to Z! I have done many projects before that varies in size from small to medium to big ... but it's not important as this particular that's why I'm considering asking all questions that wouldn't leave anything behind when and after the migration.

I have got Microsoft's Exchange - Pre-Engagement Questionnaire document but It involves questions that are only related to Exchange's infrastructure.

I really don't understand, if you already have experience doing migrations why this one is so different?  At this point, you should be able to answer this question to someone else not to yourself.

Anyways, migration from 2010 to 2013 should not be an issue here.

Good Luck!!!!
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Share your pre-engagement questionnaire, then I can review and see, if anything need to be added...
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
This is one from Microsoft, it's good but I need to ask questions about the current infrastructure of the client that has anything to do with Exchange ...

For instance if they have Blackberry Server integrated with Exchange
or If they have some Web servers that are using Exchange ...etc
Printers or devices that are using Exchange connectors ..e.g. (Printers)

The problem is that my company is replacing the company which provides consultancy to this particular client so I don't have anyone to contact to get more details than what I already have got...
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Below are the question, I can think now. Check if that's suits your requirement.

General Environment Information
Identify all the Exchange servers and their functionality ( Mail / Public folder servers / Gateways etc..)
Identify basic configuration of the Exchange Servers as model, OS version, quantity of processors and processor’s speed, amount of memory, disk configuration and disk space.
What is the total number of Mailboxes on all the servers?
Describe the Exchange Organization Structure
Describe Mail Quota, Archive, local replica, password strength and other policies.
What are the tools used for server management?
Who does User mailbox Creation, Modification and Deletion - Process, documentation.
Is the Exchange directory synchronized with any other data stores (e.g. lotus notes.. etc)
Do you run Virus checking software on each of your Exchange Mail servers? If yes, what is the product used?  
Is OWA running on the mail servers.

General Application Environment
Identify the client Application & versions being used to access the Exchange servers with Service Account username and password
How many Teams are managing the Exchange applications and what specific roles they are managing?
What is the percentage of exchange servers that can be decommissioned (if any) and do you have a process to identify and perform this task?

SMTP Mail Environment
What are the Internet Domains (i.e. etc) handled by the Exchange environments today
What is the volume (# of msgs per day/week) of Internet mail – in/outbound
Maximum Mail size allowed on Network (in/outbound)
Do you run Virus checking software on your SMTP/Internet gateways currently?   If so, what is the product used
Do you run anti-spam software on your SMTP/Internet gateways currently?   If so, what is the product used
Do you implement disclaimers for incoming or outgoing mail
How does the exchange environment relay mails to internet (Directly via DNS Lookup or by forwarding mails to a Internet/ISP Relay Host)
Who is hosting the MX record, and to which IP is it directed?
Do you have an Exchange organization diagram that can be provided?

Exchange Server Management
Are there any Scheduled maintenance task running on Exchange servers ?
Are there any Planned OS level recycle under maintenance window (using scripts or manually)
Are there are any Planned Exchange server recycle under maintenance window (using scripts or manually)
How are Exchange environment statistics gathered?
Is statistics gathering required on an as needed basis, daily, other?.
Are any daily/weekly/monthly reports produced for Management ?.
Do you have an operations or procedures manual for the Exchange environment?
What is the expected or observed growth trend in the Exchange environment in terms of new server that would need to be commissioned?  (e.g. 5% growth per year)

Exchange Server Software, tools and features
Identify third party tools/application running on Exchange servers.
Are there any Enhanced Messaging service provided by Exchange - e.g. Blackberry Enterprise Server, etc.?
Do you have Fax servers (What is the product name of the Fax servers,How many Fax servers,Do all users have fax from/to capability,How is chargeback/billing handled)
Any other connectors to other e-mail systems

Is there any Exchange layer monitoring tools deployed in the Exchange environment today

Performance and Capacity
How is the overall performance of the environment (processors, memory, disk)?
Is there any growth planning regarding database space?

Backup/Restore Policy
What is the current Backup/Restore environment?
How often are online backups is taken?
What is the current backup strategy for Exchange files and Exchange application databases?  i.e.  Incremental backup’s daily and full backups weekly?
What is the backup retention policy?
Is there a backup and recovery team?
Is any Exchange specific backup agent being used
Is it current practice to send selected backup tapes off-site
Is there a backup verification/validation process
Is there a backup job monitoring process?  (e.g. monitor for job failure)
Are end users authorized to request mail file restores
What is the average number of restores per month
How many backup versions are required by the current policy
what is current backup and restore policy?  
Does current policy require annual/semi-annual D.R. testing

Business continuity
Please provide a copy of the current Disaster Recovery plan, if any
Is it used any high availability software? Which ones?(i.e., MS Cluster)

Is there any kind of report that needs to be prepared?
If the answer is yes, how is it done? Manually or automatically? What is covered in the report?

Environment Documentation
Is there any specific/general documentation about this environment?

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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Perfect, I think with the questionnaire that will be it.
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