Unable to setup Automatic Replies in Outlook 2010 or OWA


I've got a user who is unable to enable their Automatic Replies in Outlook 2010 or the Outlook Web App. When the user tries to enable the Automatic Replies they get an error message. In the Outlook Web App the error message is "An unexpected error occured and your request couldn't be handled.

I deleted the users mailbox and recreated, this still didn't resolve the issue. No other users are getting this problem!
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Can you provide the error you get in Outlook please? When you say you deleted the user's mailbox, do you mean you removed it from the Exchange server and created a brand new mailbox? Also you may want to check your authentication settings for your EWS directory. Make sure you have basic auth set. Also, is autodiscover working for this user? You can check if autodiscover works by ctrl+left click on the outlook icon in the system tray.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
If you recreated the mailbox then it has to be something client side, or affecting more users than you are aware of. I cannot think of any scenario where a mailbox recreation would not resolve this issue.

You need to be clear on what exactly you did.
Did you create a new AD account for example? If not then the problem may well still exist because a lot of issues are AD related rather than Exchange.
Ensure that permission inheritance is enabled on the account for example.

makel2Author Commented:
Nope I didn't create another AD account. I could delete it but that could cause problems Where could I check the permission inheritance?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
That will be why the problem didn't go away. A new mailbox is really just a container for content, it doesn't do much for permission errors, which this almost certainly is.

Permission inheritance is on the Security tab of the user in ADUC.

makel2Author Commented:
Yeah I can see alot of group information in there is there anything in Particular I need to be checking for. Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent is checked off
makel2Author Commented:
The Error message that the user got was "Autoconfiguration is unable to determine your settings!
Veerappan SundaramSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
Basically, you need to check the Autodiscover function for this user.
Two Ways:
1. Ctrl+Right click on the outlook icon in system tray (Right Hand bottom corner) --> Click "Test Email
      AutoConfiguration" --> Except "Use AutoDiscover", clear other two check boxes --> Click on Test
2. https://your_CAS_Array_Name/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml --> you should get the result like below:
         <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
               -<Autodiscover xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/autodiscover/responseschema/2006">
                         -<Error Id="1589385650" Time="19:38:03.1654551">
                          <Message>Invalid Request</Message>

If AutoDiscover function fails,
1. Check for Proxy exception settings, if you have proxy configuration enabled for users - your autodiscover URL  
     should be in Exclusion list.
2. Check and remove disabled public delegate for this user's mailbox - Meaning, this user might have had delegate access to other user, say X and User-X mailbox is deleted.


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makel2Author Commented:
Tried all that it's still not working. I now have another user with the same issue except she can't she or free busy information. There is only two users affected by this issue and I'm pity sure it's an Outlook 2010 problem. Any other ideas, reg fixes?
Did you ever check autodiscover at the client as suggested? Judging by the way you answered that has not been done. Checking the autodiscover won't fix anything, it will only provide a go or no go result. So we are looking for the result of that test before we can proceed to help you.
makel2Author Commented:
Hi tsheraon is working fine for every other user. So that's about three and a half thousand users that are okay. Two are not are not and that's the message that appears. The result from testing at Outlook 2010 was:

 The Error message that the user got was "Autoconfiguration is unable to determine your settings!

I've tried a few different reg fixes but none worked.
That is the error message you received when you were performing the connectivity test at the outlook client? I have never seen it produce that kind of error before. Normally it checks several services and gives you the results on screen in a log like format.
Veerappan SundaramSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
Run the Autodiscover testing on a working client. Note the URL for Autodiscover from the result.
Use the URL in Internet browser to check the response on working client and problematic clients.

https://your_CAS_Array_Name/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml  - just a sample URL for Autodiscover.

Do you have a proxy configured for your client?
Do these problematic clients use any VPN, like open VPN?

makel2Author Commented:
It was the proxy exception settings, somebody migrated the users to the new Exchange 2010 system but didn't update the proxy exceptions in the GPO. Thanks for your help.
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