Oracle trigger (insert multiple rows into table)

I have a trigger in Oracle database. It select a single record from one table and insert into another table. Now the select might return more than 1 record. Please suggest.

//Below is the code it select a record from table
          select phone into pp_nextel_phone
          pp_nextel_phone   := null;
          pp_mssg_type      :=null;

//below is the code I insert into another table
 insert into mssg_log(PHONE,mssg_type,PCODE,PHSDSC,extra_dsc)
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ora-600Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
you mustn't return multiple results. This will fail.
You should extend your exception handling and handle multiple results there.
mrongAuthor Commented:
Can you provide sample code? thanks.
what do you want it to do when the select returns more than one row?
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mrongAuthor Commented:
keep inserting into table mssg_log.
ora-600Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
well, but what do you want to insert if you get 2 or 5 results?
- the first?
- the last?
- the average?
mrongAuthor Commented:
insert all of the matching phone into table. thanks.
don't break it into multiple steps, instead of selecting into variable and then inserting those variables

just insert from the select directly

 insert into mssg_log(PHONE,mssg_type,PCODE,PHSDSC,extra_dsc)
select phone, my_mssg_type,p_Problem_code,:new.description,:new.long_desc
from your_table

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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I agree with sdstuber, that usually it is best to use SQL to solve your data problems directly in SQL.  But, if you want to use a PL\SQL cursor for this for some reason, use a cursor loop with an insert in the loop.
mrongAuthor Commented:
this will work even the select returns multiple records?
>> this will work even the select returns multiple records?


simple test to illustrate

create table testtable (n number);
insert into testtable select object_id from all_objects;

Open in new window

testtable should have many rows in it after the insert
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I would recommend changing the insert in that test to this:
insert into testtable select object_id from all_objects
where rownum < 11;

That will prove the point without wasting a lot of time (and disk space).
It only took 3 seconds for the table to be created on my test db (61k rows) and it's small only 1mb.

They probably had the test already completed and dropped up before either of these responses came in.

but yes, 10 rows would have been sufficient
I kind of wanted to show it working for a bunch though.
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