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Recover Lost Files After A Format And Reload Of OS.


Trying to recover a folder after a reload (with format). The reload happened only yesterday.

So far I have used Get Back Data For NTFS and it recovered the file structure with all the sub files. Problem is none of the .WPD, .Doc, or .pdf open without being corrupt. Does anyone have a program idea to try?
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Thats my fear Cha Ching lol.

Just wanted to see if anyone has any other experiences with another program.
Getdataback is the best there is. The problem is that some of the space the files you want to recover has been used in the meantime, so they are now incomplete and corrupt. So also a recovery agency will probably not be able to recover them.
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with GDB, i suppose you selected the option "sustained file system damage" ?
if not, try that

you can also make an image of the drive - and work on the image, so you keep the original one safe
I did make an image before starting so I could work on the old drive knowing I might just be boxing it up to send to a lab at the end of this attempt. And I choose sustained file system damage when running first scan. 0-2 at this point but I am eager to try one more software. Let you all know how the active file recovery works out. Thanks again for all the insight and suggestions.
Oh FYI....1000's of reloads for profit and the first time I miss a file in my backup (in maybe 15 years)  it happens to be my father in laws never backed up, entire business career folder. SMH
>>  so I could work on the old drive  <<  you should leave that as is - and work with the image
Active File Recovery had same result...files found but unreadable. Drive at a lab. Thanks for the help and wish me luck.
Sorry to read (hear) that. Good luck.
Just a follow up... Lab successful but $2400.00. Ouch.
ouch ouch ... a backup is lots cheaper...
even if taken on 7 different drives
Yup, the only time I blow the pre-reload backup in over ten years and of course it's the person I eat Thanksgiving with.....sigh.

On a separate note, data recovery services seems like a very lucrative scam....I mean investment.
It isn't cheap for them either. They need clean rooms, along with highly specialized, precise and expensive equipment, along with specialized and also expensive manpower, and they need to work very closely with the HD manufacturers.
As John Wooden once said, “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything.”
S  happens.
Experience is correlated with burned equipment, lost data and ... (choose your favorite) ...
I know that this mistake cost you money, nerves, some reputation (father in laws will never forget this) etc, but that's one of the things that push you forward (at least that's in my case). No need to be bitter ...
We all did that, and ... we will do that again (proudly :) )... Maybe not the same mistakes (although there will be many of those too), but don't worry there will be plenty of lost time, sleepless nights, and famous question:
"Why I did not ..."
But, not everyone have chance (and privilege) to do this kind of mistakes (yes, yes, the expensive ones).