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Selection for primary insurance names secondary same name in SQL

I am recreating a report from another program into our SQL database.  This report is looking for all patients based on facility that were discharged on a certain date  that had ESSENCE as their primary insurance and Admit and Primary Care phy are restricted.  It should also list their secondary and tertiary insurance as well.  

When I run this report in theSQL database program I get the correct patient name but lists the primary insurance (essence) twice InsuranceSeqOrderID of 1 for both BUT the Policy numbers are different???    
Please see below.

      RESULTS:: Due to patient confientiality, I will only show conflicting fields:

InsuranceID      InsuranceOrderID      PolicyNumber1      PolicyNumber2
ESSENCE              1                                      000077013       
ESSENCE              1                                      153813902       

InsuranceID                        InsuranceOrderID      PolicyNumber1      PolicyNumber2
ESSENCE                                 1                                      000077013       
ILLINOIS MEDICAID         2                                                                      153813902
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Also, you mention both MySQL and MS SQL server in your topics. Which database do you use?
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Vitor Montalvão
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Koen.  I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.   I will look at the tables and send more info later.
I am attaching a spreadsheet of all the fields used in both reports on separate spreadsheets.
I have changed all the pertinent information regarding the patient.

Thank you both for your help.
The solution was both the join and the where clause for the insurance.  I also found I could eliminate the CASE WHEN clauses in my selects by simply using  AIO.InsuranceID and  AII.PolicyNumber,

Here is the solution that worked:

FROM livendb.dbo.AdmVisits AV (NOLOCK)-- Select * from livendb.dbo.AdmVisits

      LEFT JOIN livendb.dbo.AdmittingData AD (NOLOCK)-- select * from livendb.dbo.AdmittingData
                        On AV.SourceID = AD.SourceID
                        and AV.VisitID = AD.VisitID
        LEFT JOIN livendb.dbo.AdmDischarge ADC (NOLOCK) -- Select * from livendb.dbo.AdmDischarge
                        ON AV.SourceID = ADC.SourceID
                        AND AV.VisitID = ADC.VisitID
      LEFT JOIN livendb.dbo.AdmInsuranceOrder  AIO (NOLOCK) --select * from livendb.dbo.AdmInsuranceOrder
            On AV.SourceID = AIO.SourceID
            and AV.VisitID = AIO.VisitID
            LEFT JOIN livendb.dbo.AdmInsuredInfo AII (NOLOCK)-- select * from livendb.dbo.AdmInsuredInfo
                        on AIO.SourceID = AII.SourceID
                        AND AIO.VisitID = AII.VisitID
                        AND AIO.InsuranceID = AII.InsuranceID
       LEFT JOIN livendb.dbo.AdmProviders AP (NOLOCK) --select * from livendb.dbo.AdmProviders
                  on AV.SourceID = AP.SourceID
                  AND AV.VisitID = AP.VisitID
                        LEFT JOIN livendb.dbo.DMisUsers  DMU (NOLOCK) --SELECT * FROM livendb.dbo.DMisUsers
                                    ON AP.SourceID = DMU.SourceID
                                    AND AP.AdmitID = DMU.UserID
                        LEFT JOIN livendb.dbo.DMisUsers  DMU_2(NOLOCK) --SELECT * FROM livendb.dbo.DMisUsers
                                    ON AP.SourceID = DMU_2.SourceID
                                    AND AP.PrimaryCareID = DMU_2.UserID

WHERE Convert(Varchar,ADC.DischargeDateTime,101) BETWEEN @BeginDate AND @EndDate
AND AV.FacilityID = 'BMH'
AND AV.PrimaryInsuranceID = 'ESSENCE'
AND AV.Status = 'DIS IN'
You still have the filter set to 'ESSENCE':

WHERE Convert(Varchar,ADC.DischargeDateTime,101) BETWEEN @BeginDate AND @EndDate
 AND AV.FacilityID = 'BMH'
 AND AV.PrimaryInsuranceID = 'ESSENCE'
 AND AV.Status = 'DIS IN'
Yes, but in my select I am using this:

AIO.InsuranceID  to pull any insurance that the patient may have

but in the WHERE CLAUSE  I am using
AV.Primary Insurance

I did this so that it would show in my report both the primary and secondary insurance but limited it that the primary insurance be only ESSENCE.