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Windows 2008 with multiple IP's assigned to different source NATs

My firewall has two different subnets assigned to it's outside interface.  The first subnet has a series of NATs to the IP address  I have a series of NATs on the other subnet to  Both the .13 and .41 IP's are assigned to a single NIC.  The first series of NATs work just, however the second series does not.  The reason being is that they are replying on the wrong IP address on the outside interface.  My firewall has a source NAT rule that states all requests from are you go out on the specified IP address.  This being in the second subnet, however, Windows is overriding this and sending it out on the first subnet.  I know my firewall rules work for I've used them on other hosts, however, those hosts didn't have multiple IP's on a single NIC.  Any ideas on how to make this work?
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