Differing sender adress , reply-to and sender name in E-Mail

Hi experts,

a short question regarding emails.

We are planning an email newsletter using a software called "superwebmailer".
There we have the possibility to use an SMTP-Account for sending via our hosting-provider.
Let`s say we use the following account for sending:

test@internal.de (only an example)

In the newsletter as the sender-address and bounce-address we  would like to use the following, because we want automatic answers and bounces to be managed by us:

test@internal.de (only an example)

As  Display Name and reply-to address we would use following, because that`s the address where the "real" answers and mails should go to.

test@external.de (only an example)

Do you see any problems if we do it like this?

The Task is to send a newsletter for somebody else and real aswers should go to somebody else`s mail adrress, while bounces and auto-answers should go to an address that we manage.

How do you handle that?

Thanks in advance!
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frankhelkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest

"From:" test@external.de
 "Sender:" test@internal.de
                  (or field omitted if you want to be more hidden)
 "Reply-To:" test@external.de
                     (maybe omitted, too, to be standard compliant)

Return-Path: test@internal.de
Hmmm - as far as I remember the spec (RFC 5322), there are only the following originator fields for the header:


You might add other fields, but it's almost sure that no software will acknowledge them. With respect to the explanations in section "3.6.2. Originator Fields" of RFC 5322 I would place the client's email address into "From:", your address into "Sender:". Since replies should go to the client, a line for "Reply-To:" is obsolete.

To receive the error notifications, you should specify your address in the "Return-Path:" field.

BTW: If you send your newsletter to a large group of recipients with a single message, you should ensure to send it to yourself (or some special address) and include the recipients in the "Bcc:" (Blind Carbon Copy) field. That would prevent the disclosure of the recipient list to each and every recipient.
SystemadministrationAuthor Commented:
Superwebmailer is especially for newsletters, so there is no need for a Bcc solution.

I`d do it as follows:

"From:" test@internal.de
 "Sender:" test@external.de
 "Reply-To:" test@external.de

Return-Path: test@internal.de
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