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I need screen recording software that will capture video and audio.

I have a meeting later today and I would really like to capture it as a video.  I will be running this on my surface 3 over WebEx using VOIP.  Does anyone have suggestions on a free tool that will do this without installing Malware on my surface 3?  I have seen other postings, but I am mostly concerned about not getting malware installed, there please only something suggest something if you have used it.
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If you need it fast you can use the recording software within gotomeeting (if you use that) or something like camstudio. I prefer Camtasia Studio pro, but that is not something you can do quickly, although you can download the demo (not sure of limitations though).  There is also the free AviScreen.  It will capture the session but the files are in AVI format and very large.
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> WebEx using VOIP

WebEx itself can record sessions. It makes a proprietary format called ARF that can be played with their free player:

If you prefer to have a non-proprietary format, their player can convert to WMV or SWF for free (it also can convert to MP4, but that requires a paid subscription/site ID). And if you prefer a format other than SWF or WMV, there are plenty of free tools that will do it, including the excellent VLC:

In terms of another free option, I recommend CamStudio, open source software at SourceForge:

It allows recording all screen and audio activity, creating industry-standard AVI video files. It also has a built-in streaming Flash producer to convert the AVIs into SWFs. If you have any problems with it, take a look at the Issues section at its own website:

There are numerous other free (and non-free) options, but with your meeting coming up soon, I think that's enough for now. Regards, Joe
CamStudio has adopted some extreme malware sneakiness. I wouldn't touch it, but here's how to install it safely - maybe:
Camtasia is by far the best, but rather expensive. Here's Tech Support Alert's recommendations for free stuff:

Their top choice is ActivePresenter:
There is one that EE recommends to experts making micro tutorials it is from Microsoft - Microsoft Expressions Encoder (
Adding to Tom's excellent comment about EE's recommendations, when I participated in the video Micro Tutorials program, EE recommended Screencast-O-Matic:

I started out with their Free version and liked it well enough to go with their Pro version, which is just $15/year (I actually went for three years at $29). The problem for rye004 is that he wants it to be free, but the Free version is limited to 15 minutes, and it places a watermark in the lower left, which can be very bothersome. I used it to record ten 5-minute video Micro Tutorials here at EE. The first three were with the Free version — here's one:

The next seven were with the Pro version — here's one:

The main reason I went with the Pro version is that the watermark was blocking important stuff. But even if that's not an issue for rye004, it's unlikely that his meeting will be only 15 minutes. I'm still thinking that the best way to go is WebEx itself. I have recorded many WebEx meetings during many years and playback has never been a problem. Of course, there's always the YMMV caveat. Regards, Joe
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Neither camstudio or Camtasia worked on my surface.  They both indicate that it won’t work with the i5 processor.  Has anyone tried another application that works with a Surface pro 3?
Don't have one.  But I KNOW Camtasia works with I5 processor - The machine I am using to type this message has i5 chipset.  So I am guessing that is a windoze message meaning "we won't let you use that on here" or something to that affect :-D.  Try AviScreen, it is not as good as camstudio or Camtasia or even the Microsoft Expressions Encoder, but there is a portable version which should work on anything.
Sorry, don't have a Surface Pro 3. Any reason why you can't use WebEx to record to an ARF and then listen to it with their free player? Or, if you prefer to have a non-proprietary format, convert it to WMV or SWF with their free converter (which is built into their free player)?
Although I have never used the built in recorder in webex, it sounds from what Joe says, that it may be the best way to go.  Why are you recording off a Surface 3 anyway - not exactly a robust machine.  Also if it is giving you erroneous error messages like the one about i5 chipset, what else might it be doing???  Get an Ubuntu box or a win7 box or even a windows tablet.  I could probably record the whole session using my android phone ...
Just looked it up on a whim - webex says I can do it with the android phone as long as I am running Android 3.0+ (and who isn't nowadays).

webex recording instructions:
Here is something that should work: AVS Video Editor 7.0
Platforms:  Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP, 2003, Vista
(no Mac OS/Linux support)
The information about the software prices can be found here

Minimum System Requirements

Processor:  AMD / Intel Core 2 Duo compatible at 3 GHz or higher
RAM:  2 GB or higher
Sound:  Windows compatible sound card
Display:  32-bit color depth
CD recorder:  for importing from CD
DVD recorder:  for importing from DVD and creating Video DVD
Video capture device:  required for capturing
Windows Media Player 11 or higher for WMV video playback
DirectX:  Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or later
Administrative permissions for program installation and activation
Internet connection to activate

Windows 8.x/Windows 7 Recommended System Requirements

Processor:  AMD / Intel Core 2 Quad compatible at 2.4 GHz or higher
RAM:  3 GB or higher
Video:  Windows 8.x/Windows 7 compatible video card
Sound:  Windows 8.x/Windows 7 compatible sound card

Note: System requirements may differ depending on the Windows 8.x/Windows 7 version installed and increase when Windows Aero interface is enabled.