Windows Media Sharing doesn't work for network folder locations

I have a Windows 7 machine where I have turned on Windows Media Sharing so that I can use music / videos from other devices on my home network. In the 'Libraries' on that machine, I have included several locations that are on network shares (such as \\myserver\music ).  

Until recently, this was working fine. Windows Media Player would scan all the locations including the network locations and make all the media available for streaming. However recently that stopped working and now only files that are local to the Windows 7 machine are showing up available to other devices, even though all the media is still showing up on Windows Media Player on the machine itself.

I'm not sure if there was windows update that changed something or if there is something else I messed up? I really don't want to duplicate GBs of stuff off the windows shared folders just to be able to share it in a different format.

My Windows Media Player is showing version 12.0.7601.18150.

Can anyone help me figure out how to get the files on my shared locations available for media sharing again?
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Hi Volox my WMP 12 on windows 7 was updated a couple of weeks ago, I didn't know it had completely updated until I opened it and it was first run welcome to WMP etc
The new version is 12.0.7601.18526
Try updating your version in the Help About check for updates
VoloxAuthor Commented:
Windows Media Player is reporting that there are no updates available that all components are up to date. But updating isn't my issue, it's the fact that the media sharing isn't sharing out the media that is on network folders.
Process of elimination Volox, cannot immediately know the answers to every possible problem.
What is teh difference between your WMP and mine?
My version is higher?

in refs to>> now only files that are local to the Windows 7 machine are showing up available to other devices,
>.even though all the media is still showing up on Windows Media Player on the machine itself.
Sounds as if your media server is not syncing with something.
you say>I have included several locations that are on network shares (such as \\myserver\music ). << have you rebooted
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VoloxAuthor Commented:
Can't answer why your version is different; by best guess is that if you're on a different OS (or different locale variant) that there are different builds for the different targets.

The machine has been rebooted multiple times to try to resolve the issue; to no avail.

I've also removed said network folders from the library (and all associated files came out of WMP as expected) and then I added the folders back in and after WMP finished scanning, all the media showed up in WMP again, but still wasn't visible via remote streaming.

I've also rebuilt the index under windows indexing service on both the Windows 7 machine and the server on which the shares reside. I also verified that the shares on within locations that the indexing service is setup to index.
What is these other devices?
Have any of the network shares changed / added any files?
Off the system on a USB?
My line of thinking is if there is discrepancy somewhere in the shared folders?
What capacity is the total of your music and video that is being shared? More than 4 gigs?
Looking in
Windows Media Player sync: frequently asked questions
How do I know which files will sync to my device with automatic sync?
The Player syncs your entire Player Library by default if your media device has a storage capacity greater than 4 gigabytes (GB).
 If your Player Library grows over time, eventually it might no longer fit on your device, and after which, the Player prioritizes the playlists in your Player Library to sync your favorites first.
Then, while syncing, lower priority files are removed from the device to make room for higher priority files. (The files remain in your Player Library.) The Player prioritizes your playlists in the following order (some playlists might not apply if your device doesn't support playing or viewing the file types in the playlist):
VoloxAuthor Commented:
I'm not syncing the library to a device, so I don't think the FAQs you quoted applies. There is no USB involved.

The setup is as follows:

Machine A - Windows Server 2008 R2 that is sharing a folder via windows file share \\MyServer\Media
Machine B - Windows 7 with Windows Media Player where \\MyServer\Media has been added to Video and Music libraries by adding the location to the locations list
Machine C - Other device that is connecting to Machine B in order to use media streaming to play video and music

As explained above, all the music and videos on the file share show up in Windows Media Player on machine , but when you access via Media Sharing from machine C only those files that are local to machine B appear listed.  I've tried this from multiple different devices as machine C including a Win 7 machine, a Win 8 machine, and a Playstation 3; all are able to access the streaming server but none of them see the media that is from machine A.
Stream your media to devices and computers using Windows Media Player
See also >>You can use Windows Media Player to stream media, or play to, another computer or media device on your network.
Please check these setting>
To receive a media stream from another computer or device on your network
 Open Windows Media Player.
If the Player is currently open and you’re in Now Playing mode, click the Switch to Library button Picture of the Switch to Library button in the upper-right corner of the Player.
Click another computer's Player Library on your network listed under Other Libraries in the navigation pane.
If you don't see Other Libraries in the navigation pane, then do the following:
a.Click Organize, and then click Customize navigation pane.
b.At the top of the Customize Navigation Pane dialog box, click the name of the Library in the drop-down list, and then click Other Libraries.
c.Select the Show Other Libraries check box, and then click OK.
3.Find an item you want to play in the details pane, and then double-click it.
VoloxAuthor Commented:
Merete, I appreciate that you're trying to help, but why are you giving me the basic directions on media sharing when I already have that aspect of things working?
Volox, you lost me when you added>> I've also removed said network folders from the library (and all associated files came out of WMP as expected) and then I added the folders back in and after WMP finished scanning, all the media showed up in WMP again,but still wasn't visible via remote streaming.
This really needs eyes on.
I sincerely do apologise  I just cannot see the entire setup and how it is connecting together, I appreciate that you shared the setup,
but if it network related then we are dealing with network connections ip addresses. Tunnelling? Mapped drives?
If it was working and then stopped try and think what may have caused it?
WMP is Microsoft related and anything could have broken it.
I do know that when there is an update and I don't get it suddenly things don't work.
This is what I was attempting to do. windows Media player bundles with windows 7 and then updated through windows updates.
Your version is out of date.
Normally I would put all music files/video files in the same public folder and sync that with windows media player add the devices and people to stream to. done.
I've tried drawing a diagram using your specifications
 where to check for changes?
 Is it windows firewall?  breaking the network connection?
If and when normal streaming procedures with MS WMP are deviated probably a windows updates breaks it?
Could be associated with the cloud space or copyrights>
WMP does use the DRM.
Could be a license or certificate expired?
VLC might be an option for you instead of MS

See if the mods will get some extra help you, please use the request attention.
VoloxAuthor Commented:
I don't see any diagram with your post.

As far as my version being out of date, I'm not sure how I'd get it any more up to date. As you can see from these images, my windows update is up to date and the update feature in windows media player itself says that it's running the most recent verion.
Windows Update statusResult of Windows Media Player Update
And here is the version it's showing...

WMP Version
As far as what my setup involves... If you open windows media player and right-click on "Videos" for example, there is an option that says "Manage Videos Library". If you click on that you can add file locations to the library. In my case I've added a location on a share (such as \\MyServer\Videos). The stuff that's in that share folder shows up in WMP locally but not on machines via windows media sharing.
Do you have windows 7 service pack one?
Just to offer you an insight I wouldn't worry about updating it at this time.
I have windows 7 x 32 bit SP 1
My WMP build
Windows Media Player 12.0.7601.18526
Apparently there is still a later version but I wont worry about it/
Look at the bottom?
12.0.7601.18526   ...    12.0.9879.0

Ok I'll try and help you even just as a sounding board to throw ideas back and forth.
Microsoft is constantly updating how we do things.
Maybe you are not using the new methods.
The Play To?
Windows Media Sharing doesn't work for network folder locations is your main question, now you realize I have not done this at home I shall do a crash course to see how it works.
It used to work? Then stopped?
the key points
so that I can use music / videos from other devices on my home network.<< your at home.
How were you sharing music videos before?
You simply shared a folder then enabled media services? added those files to the library?
You say  I've added a location on a share  (such as \\MyServer\Videos). The stuff that's in that share folder shows up in WMP locally but not on machines via windows media sharing.
Have you tried Play to?
This is the new method.
Play To, new in Windows 7, makes it easy to stream music, video, and photos from your computer to other PCs, TVs, or stereos on your home network.
Windows Media Player 12 playlist, and click Play To. Now you're hearing—or watching—what you want, where you want it.
Play To works with other PCs running Windows 7 and devices that carry the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo.
Using the Play To feature to stream media
And here's the cruncher,
You must allow remote control on another computer before you can stream media to it.
For more information on allowing remote control and other streaming settings, see Change settings for streaming media in Windows Media Player.

Could this be the problem?

We just share the folders in the public folders on our home network and anyone can open those folders on their computers and play them in any media player..Media player classic BE or VLC  WMP as is.
If I want to use the TV and stereo system I connect my raspberry Pi it supports HD mpeg4 .divx avi, wmv mpeg you name it it plays it.
An External USB drive works great as well but only supports mpeg and divx avi.

Regards Merete
VoloxAuthor Commented:
There isn't a problem with basic streaming from one machine to another because I can get it to work just fine if the files are local. The problem is definitely isolated to files that are brought into the library from the shared drive.
This setup was working before but is now not working.

The 'play to' feature isn't an option because 'play to' doesn't work with PS3 and that is my primary usage for steaming the media. That's also why I can't just mount up the windows shares straight from the device I'm trying to play the media on. The whole point of the setup was to expose the media collection to devices that don't support mounting windows shares folders but support the streaming standard.

Given the size of the media collection, using an external drive isn't feasible nor convenient because I'd have to either carry around a server tower or be copying files on and of the drive constantly.
After some research I discovered a glitch
go to the files in the network shared drive rightclick them and see if they have read only attributes
This is the source of my conclusion
Songs do not appear in the Windows Media Player library "highlighted in Blue"
Another possible cause is Windows Media Player’s Music Library normally monitors the My Music folder and the Public Music folder, this shared folder is it in the public folder?
Set WMP to monitor this shared folder again.
VoloxAuthor Commented:
None of my files are set as read only.

I'm not sure what you're trying to say by "in the public music folder" ? Since the "public music" folder is an actual folder that is located physically on the machine, in not at all clear how one would put a network share from a different machine inside of it. As I already stated, the folder has been added to the list of locations that are part of the libraries that WMP monitors.  Earlier I outlined the steps to do so.
VoloxAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have a perspective?
VoloxAuthor Commented:
After a whole bunch of poking and prodding, adding and removing things, the media collection finally started working again. I can't say what combination of actions eventually solved this, but I think it had something to do with a combination of the domain controller not being 100% accessible combined with some other networking port blocks.

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VoloxAuthor Commented:
I finally solved this myself.
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