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Sonicwall Guest VAP Configuration (KB SW10837)

I followed the KB SW10837 ( to create a guest WiFi VAP.  However, I wasn't able to ping out when using Guest.  The Corporate VAP work fine but when I use the Guest VAP I can only connect to the WiFi but I cannot ping the default gateway or out.

I am getting the correct IP assignment and WiFi authentication is not the issue.  I think there must be a firewall or NAT configuration I need to add but not shown on the KB.

Help in solving this issue is much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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it is by design.

it is technically possible to enable the access (PING) for guest wireless clients but it is not recommended.

if for some reasons you do need to access the gateway, just don't use the guest SSID, use the general SSID instead.
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Thanks for your reply bbao but it's my mistake in not explaining situation clearly.  It's not only that I cannot ping out but I don't think any traffic is going out.  When I launch the we browser I cannot pull up any page.

I have another sonicwall environment where it was configured by a consultant and with the WiFi I am always able to ping the default gateway.  I am under the impression that the Sonicwall TZ I configured is missing something that's causing it to not be able to communicate out of even ping anything internally.  That's really the problem I am trying to solve.  To be able to browse the internet via the Guest WiFi.
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Found out that the problem was because the WiFi radio channel was set to use the AUTO settings and since there are many WiFi in our building it conflicted with others.  Changed the radio channel to a different one that's not used and it solved the problem.