How to configure which ios to boot up in Cisco aironet ?

Hi Expert
Usually we can configure router to boot up with command - boot system flash:/xxxx.bin. But in Cisco aironet AP 1140 etc, i noticed there is no this kind of command for it. There are several ios files in flash. How to indicate the specific ios in several ios to boot up? Thank you
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A KarelinCommented:
Use "set boot".
Something like ap: set BOOT flash:/c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1/c350-k9w7-mx.122-13.JA1
EESkyAuthor Commented:
thank you for your fast reply. It looks like the ap1140 does not have the kind of command, "set boot"
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Craig BeckCommented:
The AP should only have one image in flash at a time.  If the AP is autonomous it will have a folder with the HTML files, etc, too.

Delete the image that you don't want to boot from.

The set boot command is only really useful to help you if you brick the AP.

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EESkyAuthor Commented:
@craigbeck, thank you. i think you are right. I want to delete some file in flash, but i notice it is a folder. I have to enter the folder and delete it. Can you tell how to enter the folder and delete it ?
Craig BeckCommented:
Quick question... is the AP booting the correct version of IOS?  If so, just leave it as-is - it won't cause a problem.
EESkyAuthor Commented:
I am just exploring AP since I am new to it. So it won't cause any problems. Thank you
Craig BeckCommented:
No problems at all... It'll be fine.
A KarelinCommented:
If you want to enter in a folder you will use "cd" command. Use "delete" for delete a file. Dir for discovering.
EESkyAuthor Commented:
Right, Thank you !
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