Exchange 2013 cannot send at all

Good Morning.

last night I migrated 104 users from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013.  There are only two servers involved in this:  The old and the new.  Everything is moving, Exchange 2010 and the Server 2008 R2 machine it resides on will be uninstalled and removed next week.
Public folders are not used.  Only one database per machine exists.

After I freshly installed Exchange 2013 into the domain, mail flow was fine in all directions.  I migrated two test users and was fully able to communicate.

The migration went very smooth and fast.  Everything looks lovely.
Apart from the fact that users cannot send any mail - neither internally beween users on the same mailbox, nor externally through the SMTP connector.  At the same time they are receiving mail from outside just fine.
All mail that is being sent is stuck in the drafts folder, no matter which interface I am using (OWA, Smartphone or Outlook).  

I have read some on the internet, but non of the cases I found seem to apply.  They point towards name resoulution (which seems fine) or firewall (which seems fine and by the way not involved for internal mail).  
Eventlog is not showing anything.  The only events logged at all are performance indicators.
CU6 is installed but did not change anything.

If I do:  Test-MailFlow, I get:

RunspaceId         : 505b8a4b-b0bb-458d-aadd-6d86d7fc0f19
TestMailflowResult : *ERROR*
MessageLatencyTime : 00:00:00
IsRemoteTest       : False
Identity           :
IsValid            : True
ObjectState        : New
... and I have to wait 6minutes for this reply.

In eventlog there is this:

Fehler beim Aktualisieren eines Leistungsindikators. Der Indikatorname lautet 'External Active Remote Delivery Queue Length', der Kategoriename ist 'MSExchangeTransport Queues'. Optionaler Code: 2. Ausnahme: The exception thrown is : System.InvalidOperationException: Die Instanz "_total" ist bereits mit einer dem Prozess entsprechenden Lebensdauer vorhanden. Sie kann erst erneut erstellt oder verwendet werden, wenn sie entfernt wurde, oder der Prozess, der sie verwendet, beendet wurde.

translated to English it sais:

Error while updating performance monitoring indicator.  The name of the indicator is  'External Active Remote Delivery Queue Length', the category name is 'MSExchangeTransport Queues'.  Optional Code:  2nd exception:  The exception thrown is : System.InvalidOperationException: The instance "_total" already exists with a lifetime identical to that of the process.  It can only be re-created after it has been removed or after the process that is using it has been stopped.

after that it goes on an arm's length with processes that have been active while the error occured.

I don't know where to begin.
Any help is appreciated.

Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Email sitting in the drafts folder is a clear sign that Transport isn't running or there is another problem with transport.
Standard test - how much free disk space is on the C drive?
If there is AV installed on the server, does it have the correct exclusions in it for Exchange?

Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon,

I was hoping you would answer.
The disk has 120G used and 1.4TB free space.  No AV installed so far.
There was, however, Kaspersky Exchange plugin installed before I started the migration by somebody else.  He removed it before I started because he noticed that it was not meant for Exchange 2013.  It was V 8.3, which only supported 2010.  How can I tell if the installation or removal process damaged something?

Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
I have now created a new database and moved two users over.  Same behaviour there.  Receiving mail works fine, no sending.  
I have also reinstalled Kaspersky Exchange Security in the supported version 8.6.  No change.

My main problem is that I don't know where to look at all.  Plenty space, plenty RAM, services all running, no major events in the log, nothing in the queues, no error messages to go by.

Getting desperate...
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Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
This is what I get from Message Tracking:

DiagnosticInfo=Error: RetrySmtp, Diagnostic Information: Stage:CommitMailItem, SmtpResponse:441 4.4.1 Error encountered while communicating with primary target IP address: ""Failed to connect. Winsock error code: 10061, Win32 error code: 10061."" Attempted failover to alternate host, but that did not succeed. Either there are no alternate hosts, or delivery failed to all alternate hosts. The last endpoint attempted was"
RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Any reason why you would be using port 2525, as opposed to 25 for SMTP traffic? I only mention it as it is not standard.  Confirm your send connector ports are unified to the same port.

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Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
I noticed that, but I did not deliberately configure it.  Where does that come from?  Where would it have been set?
Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
Could that be something Kaspersky did to take a detour via their scanning engine?
RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
My bad. I found this:

"Port 2525 – if the CAS and MBX servers are collocated on the same server the SMTP Receive connection for the Transport service will listen on 2525 instead of 25. This is because two services (FET and Transport Service) can’t listen on the same port."

But in your case, the transport service should be listening on 2525, and no response received, so check for host av or firewall blocking 2525.
Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
Too bad - I was getting euphoric.
Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
@RantCan - you still have a point, though:  Port 2525 should answer.  I just verified on other Exchange 2013 machines.  Port 2525 gives the same answer to telnet as port 25.
On the faulty server port 2525 does not answer at all.  It is open in the firewall, though.

So the real question would be:  How do I make whatever service should be listening listen to that port?
RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Should be transport service and listening on 2525 already, hence the telnet success.  Does anything change when you disable AV?
Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
My point is that it is NOT listening on 2525.
The success was on a working machine at another site.

I am just redoing receive connectors.  The other machine actually has a receive connector configured to port 2525...!
Never noticed that before.
RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
Also, what about disabling windows firewall?
Ralph ScharpingDigital TherapistAuthor Commented:
There needs to be a receive connector configured to port 2525 if one box is hosting both roles.

Thank you so much for pointing my nose to the obvious.  I really did not know that.  The connectors exist by default.  I being the troll I am, removed them to start over from a "clean" configuration.
RantCanSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
You are welcome.  Glad you got the troublemaker.
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