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Backup of mail

Hi all

I Have done a data reovery with recuva and have retrived my windows live mail with the extension eml how do i reinstall from the back up

Thanks Davy
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to what mail program do you want it reinstalled?
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Windows live mail
that's strange - i always thought the data resides on the net - in the servers
how can you recover it then???

probably your pc has problems
try to acces your mail from another PC
You really wanted the entire folder structure of the WLM storage and you ought to go back and get your contacts folder; but, here are two articles on restoring WLM:
If you need more help, we need to know what version you were running and what is there now? (i.e. 2009, 2011, ...)
>nobus i always thought the data resides on the net

If he's using Outlook,it's just an OST that should sync over ,no manual restore required.
davy - do you have other problems with your pc?
post them plse
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What happened i done a back up of all data i thought then formatted the pc after that i relised that the
e-mail were'nt back up so i used Recuva to get back the mails when trying to open them they are all garbled.
tried changing the different sets like unicode 8 ect but no help
ha - and you did this like follows :
-you booted up the pc from the disk you reformatted - installed recuve, and tried to recover???

that is VERY bad
correct way is :
hook the disk drive to be recovered as 2nd to a working pc, then run the recovery program
btw - i prefer largely GETDATABACK -  it's worth every $ it costs; but in your case - if the data has been overwritten, there's every chance you lost the data

anyhow - you can run GDB for free  - see WHAT it can recover -  then buy it for saveing the recovered items
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