Import windows 7 desktop and MS Office from one account to another

In Win 7, I created a local account on a machine that has a domain account on it, and the domain account's folder structure remains in place.  The new user is "jimmy" and the old domain account is "tom."  How can I import all of the desktop and MS Office Pro settings from tom to jimmy?  When I go to Control Panel\System\...\User Profiles, the Copy To option is grayed out for every user.  I created a local password for tom and logged in, but doing so created a new desktop.  Thanks.
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Use the easy transfer wizard to copy the contents of accounts.
sjw601Author Commented:
Thanks, but how do I obtain and use Easy Transfer Wizard to transfer account data on the same PC?  Isn't it to transfer between two PCs?
sjw601Author Commented:
Also, I can't find Easy Transfer on my Win 7 system.
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Jerry MillsCommented:
You can use Easy Transfer Wizard to save an account then import it back to the new account on the same PC.  You should have administrator capabilities to do this correctly.

1)  Make sure all updates have been done prior to exporting account.
2)  Open Easy Transfer and transfer account to USB Thumbdrive, shared folder on the network, or hard drive locally.  (Good idea to save all accounts but not required)
3)  From any administrator capable account on local computer, open easy transfer.
4)  Do an import and select Transfer file created in step 2.
5)  Select account to be imported.
6)  Because you are an administrator, when you import, create the new account* then execute import.
7)  Done

*Note:  If you already created account - in this case Jimmy just perform import into it.  Form should be <domain name>\jimmy
Jerry MillsCommented:
Forgot one step - google on Windows 7 Easy Transfer Wizard download and download the latest version from Microsoft.  Install newest version then follow steps 1-7 above.
sjw601Author Commented:
Thanks, Jerry.  Perhaps I'm dense, but the only Easy Transfer installer that I found appears to be for 32-bit, and I'm running x64.  Is there a commercial software solution that will handle this as well as my MS Office settings?
sjw601Author Commented:
Wait a minute...I fount easy transfer.  I'll give it a try and report back tomorrow - it'll take a couple hours to save the files.
Easy transfer is part of Windows 7, and it can also be used to export and import user profiles on the same PC, not just between PC's.

Just make sure that when you select what to export, you select the user's complete profile folder (usually C:\Users\UserName), and de-select everything else. Also, some user settings can be stored in the registry, those won't be transferred. For those settings you'll have to find them individually in the registry and export them, then import them again for the new user, or run the applications and check the settings are correct, if not, just set them again.

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sjw601Author Commented:
Thanks, everyone.  I got everything transferred, although I had to manually copy the Desktop folder's contents.  Now, if anyone can tell me how to transfer all of my MS Word, Access, and Excel settings/preferences, I'll be grateful.  Perhaps a new question would be in order.
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