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i have say 3 audio mp3 files called abc.mp3, cde.mp3, and fgh.mp3 each of 30 minute length. How do i join them together to make one singe 90 min audio file say ijk.mp3 so that i do not need to play each separately in order all the time. please advise on audio joining tools preferable free or commecial with reasonable price.
thanks in advance
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You can use Shuangs Audio Joiner . It is free and good. 

Mp3wrap is also free .
Here is its parameters
I would try mp3DirectCut.

other alternatives:
I usually check with Gizmos Freeware site for the best free software - fairly up to date, detailed reviews and recommendations:
Best Free Music Editing Program

Updated 18. November 2013 - 2:08 by site.editor
BTW, I use Audacity, a bit more complex to use, but very versatile
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Avs4you is probably the easiest
 but not free has a yearly fee of 29 dollars
You append them.
How to merge several audio tracks into one file with AVS Audio Editor?

I find Audacity appends individual separate audio files pretty easy just they end up in layers below the top
Download Audacity first including the lame .dll so you can save as mp3
download Audacity and Lame dll setup Audacity first run.
Open Audacity and go to Edit top> preferences
Put it to 2 speakers stereo as your not going to use it for recording at this time you set up the rest another time.
Now with Audacity open
You can drag and drop 3 or more audio tracks straight on. drag in the corners of Audacity and get your mp3 tracks nearby highlight them all and drag on. You'll see each load, go full screen in Audacity so you see the tracks all on
so all are under the first now you don't want them to merge together like this
There is a timeshift feature at the top a double ended arrow click on that and use it drag on this second audio track and drag it to the end of the first so that when you play the first it ends and follows onto the 2nd, do the same with the 3rd track drag to the end of the second.
Audacity Time ShiftThen go to file at the top left export selection I clear the naming thing and ok it then when saving it give it a name like Title combination choose your desktop or music folder  or the same as the other mp3
Export SelectionExporting selectedYour final mp3  file should be 3 times as big with three combined.
Learn the top menu if Audacity is too big on full screen use the View>Zoom Out makes it small to see all your tracks on the audio time line
If needed to see it visually
Combine Two Audio Files Using Audacity
If you need further help just let me know.


I have installed mp3DirectCut

How to add 3 different mp3 songs to each other. I would like to know the detailed steps and screenshots to proceed. please advise
From what I can see, mp3DirectCut is not a "joiner", it is a "splitter".   On the page given by awawada, this program is under the  "Audio Cutters / Splitters" heading, whereas there is an "Audio Joiners" section directly below that.  You are trying to join several files together, not split one into several.

Personally I would have used Audacity, and Merete has provided an excellent tutorial.

If you are looking for a very quick and dirty way to join several MP3 files together while you figure out how to do this with one of the suggested applications that has a user interface, then you can do so using the "DOS" COPY command.  It won't create files that are completely compliant with the MP3 format standards, but it will play in most or all audio players without errors.

Put the following batch file ("Join_MP3s.cmd") into the same folder as your MP3 files.
RIGHT-Click the *.cmd file and choose "EDIT".  It will open in Notepad.  Change the names of the MP3 files (abc.mp3, cde.mp3, and fgh.mp3) to the actual names of your files and save the file.  Double-Click on it and you will have one MP3 file named "joined.mp3".  Test it in the player that you intend using and see if it playes through continuously.

Code for the batch file:

@echo off
echo Joining MP3 files .....
copy "abc.mp3"+"cde.mp3"+"fgh.mp3" "joined.mp3"
echo MP3 files joined.
echo Press any key to close ...
pause > nul


Audacity having lot of issues on my laptop.  Is there is any other alternate for this. Please advise
Please download the latest versions here: MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker


MP3 Album Maker (Version History)

MP3 Album Maker version 3.61 - MakeitOne-MP3AlbumMaker.msi (433KB) New

MP3 Album Maker is written in C# and requires the DotNet Framework which can be download direct from microsoft: click here (24MB)

Media Player (Version History)

Media Player version 2.02 - MakeitOne-MediaPlayer.msi (430KB)

MP3 Album Maker is written in C# and requires the DotNet Framework which can be download direct from microsoft: click here (24MB)

Open in new window

it needs all additional c# and .Net installations which i do not prefer. As i have some virus issues on my laptop earlier. Please advise any other good alternate tool for this
I have never used this app, in fact, I've never heard of it, so I can't say that I recommend it: Free Merge MP3

If you're looking for ways to merge multiple MP3 files into one larger file, then be sure to try out Free Merge MP3. It is an attracted and powerful MP3 merger tool, designed to merge, combine or join multiple MP3 files into a larger one format like MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG within just a few seconds with lossless quality. It's totally free, small, and allows you to drag-and-drop MP3 files, arrange them in a specific order, and, of course, finally merge them into a single file.
You may already have a suitable version of the .NET Framework installed on your computer.  In the same way that software written in C++ often requires the Visual C++ package to be installed, it is a very common requirement for software (especially freeware) written in other development environments to depend on the .Net Framework to be installed.  The Visual C++ and .NET components supply the common "libraries" of functions so that developers don't have to write a whole bunch of additional code for Windows programs.

The .NET installer is directly from Microsoft, so it's not going to install any viruses, but if you feel that the presence of the .NET components on your computer just create another layer of potential vulnerability that can be targeted by malware, you obviously have to find one that is completely self-contained.

What was the problem with Audacity on your computer?
You stated earlier: "Audacity having lot of issues on my laptop".
Perhaps we can resolve the issues so that you can use it.

You may already have software installed on your computer that allows you to join MP3s together.  Most CD/DVD Burning software applications have an audio editor that may be able to do what you need.

I have used several software titles from an Australian based company named NCH (  They offer a free download of almost all of their software.  There are slight limitations between the unlicenced versions and the paid-for versions, and you may get a splash screen encouraging you to "upgrade", but the software is good and reliable.

Here is all of their audio editing software:

You could use

They both work in 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
WavePad is simpler.  MixPad is very much like Audacity.

The free version of WavePad does not support VST plugins or the effects library, and doesn't interface with other installed software from the same company, but you don't need these functions for your purposes.
The free version of MixPad limits the number of separate tracks you can use.  You don't need multi-track functionality, or at the most you would just need 3 tracks to use and then merge them to one.
You don't get their technical support with the free versions.  This is standard practice, but they do have a discussion forum.

This company does what many companies do these days.  They bundle other software options into the installer, but they are very honest and say this on their pages.

"During installation of this download you will be given the option to install Google Chrome and closely related programs from the NCH Software suite. These are optional and you can select what you want depending on your requirements."

No matter what application you install that has a user interface, you are going to have to learn how it works.

Here is one that uses a very easy interface and is completely portable.  You just unzip the two files in the ZIP file to one folder and run MergeMP3.exe:
Once open, go to the View manu > Preferences > Internet tab and untick the option to check for updates each time it is launched.

I prefer programs with no interface, that is to say "command line" programs.  Once you know the parameters and switches, it is easy.  I need to correct my earlier batch file for joining MP3s by adding the   /b   "treat files as binary" option.  The command should be:
copy /b "abc.mp3"+"cde.mp3"+"fgh.mp3" "joined.mp3"

It looks to me as though the "MP3Wrap" command line program does practically the same thing.
You really don't seem to want to install ANY software on your PC for fear of viruses. Have a look at this online service (of course there is always a risk of getting viruses from the Internet as well!):
Stitch MP3 Files Together Or Extract Audio From Video

Updated 12. August 2014 - 15:05 by rob.schifreen

If you ever need to join 2 or more MP3 audio files together, check out a free online service called, which will do the job perfectly.  Just click on the Add Tracks button to upload 2 or more files to the service.  You can then move the order of the tracks if you wish, as well as selecting whether each track will fade in or out.  When you're done, press the Join button and, after a short wait, your merged file will be ready to download.

The service is easy and simple to use, and is free.  And because it's online there's nothing to download.

There's no limit to the number of tracks you can uploaded, so long as the merged file doesn't exceed 750 MB.

If your audio is in a format other than MP3, then the system should cope just fine.  You can even upload video clips, from which the audio will automatically be extracted and added to the merged file.

To try it for yourself, head to
Good find Paul.  I dismissed the possibility of an online service for this because I had wrongly assumed that the file sizes would have been limited to an awful lot less than 750MB.  That's actually pretty useful.


i am still not able to get proper link. I just want to download and run the say .exe file and able to join 2 or more audio files. I am bit hesitant about

since i may be exposing some of my personal file and they may store in internet servers.
Audacity i never had luck working well on my laptop.

MP3Wrap and MpeDirectCut etc i tried

but they have multiple installations and files to run.
Please advise
MP3Wrap has a DOS interface and must be run the Command Prompt! I really think this would be a bit challenging for you!

Why don't you do as BillDL suggested and use ? You simply unzip the MergeMP3.exe file and Go Johnny G0! It is a portable app and required NO INSTALLATION, except to unzip the downloaded file to a location that is convenient to you - may I suggest to your Desktop so you don't forget where you put it!

I just tried this and it couldn't be simpler!

It is often necessary to merge multiple sound files into one recording. This need may arise for various reasons: merge ripped CD tracks into one, combine multiple chapters of an audiobook, etc. There are many great programs to achieve this, but very few of them are actually free. I've discovered that while all of these programs perform the task well, they also contain lots of other features, making them too complicated for the tasks. This is why when I needed the plain vanilla merging utility, I could not find one that was free - and decided to write one myself. The added benefit of writing one myself, of course, is that it has exactly the features I need - and none that I don't. When it was done - I decided to give it away for free - to alleviate some of the pains I had.


Mergemp3 is open source right?
>>Mergemp3 is open source right?

There is no open source indicated on the page, but it is FREE!!!


Ok let me try
don't forget - it was BillDL who suggested this solution! If you choose this solution, please give the points to him!
What problems did you have with Audacity, too complicated? I understand if so.
But if you get stuck we can follow that avenue and I'll help you.
Thank you gudii9.

As Merete mentioned, it's a pity that you had trouble with Audacity.  It might have come in handy for editing your separate MP3s before merging them into one.  For example, if one MP3 was louder than the other you could reduce the volume or boost the volume of the others to match, or you could cut out silent parts.

It might help to understand the differences between "joining" and "re-encoding".  A program like Audacity imports the audio file into a raw data format while you work on it.  When you "export" the data to an audio file it re-encodes it into the proper format for the file type that you have chosen, and you can optionally add tags to it or change the quality.

The "DOS" batch file method just adds one binary file onto the end of the other.  You can't do this with a lot of other binary files because their data is all stored in very specific locations within the file and multiple headers would create a non standard file.  Because of the way that an MP3 file is structured as a series of frames, and the fact that most media players are very relaxed about odd tags and duplicated "headers" appearing at various places within the file, they tend to play without a glitch.  This does not mean that an MP3 file joined using the "DOS" COPY command is completely free from errors.  It would still have some "sync errors" if tested, but what I am saying is that most media players will ignore these errors.

Several "MP3 Joiners" that I have tested before (including do not seem to import raw data and then re-encode it to an MP3 format.  They just join one to the other and create the same little "sync errors" that you will get by joining using a "DOS" batch file.

The Error Log when testing an MP3 created from 3 MP3s joined into
one using the "DOS" COPY command:

Error: Sync error reading frame header 1,063 expected at byte 555,003.
Approx. time: 0:28 (26.5% through audio).
Previous valid frame header located at byte 554,481.
Resync failed (no matching frame header found within 2,000 bytes).

Summary: 1,062 total frames processed (476 padded, 586 unpadded).
Bitrate is constant.

The Error Log for doing the same thing with the same 3 MP3 files
using the MergeMP3 program:

Error: Sync error reading frame header 1,366 expected at byte 713,144.
Approx. time: 0:36 (34.1% through audio).
Previous valid frame header located at byte 712,621.
Resync failed (no matching frame header found within 2,000 bytes).

Summary: 1,365 total frames processed (613 padded, 752 unpadded).
Bitrate is constant.

The Error Log when testing an MP3 joined from the same 3 MP3s
using Audacity:

No errors found.
Summary: 4,002 total frames processed (1,796 padded, 2,206 unpadded).
Bitrate is constant.

Open in new window

To create an absolutely standard MP3 that is free from any errors, you should use a program that re-encodes the raw data.  For example, if you joined MP3s using the rough and ready method I proposed:
copy /b "abc.mp3"+"cde.mp3"+"fgh.mp3" "joined.mp3"
ideally you should import "joined.mp3" into Audacity (or similar program) and then, without editing anything,  immediately export it back to MP3 format so that it is a standardised and compliant error-free audio file.


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