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Set up a Home Wireless Network

Hi, I need some help in creating a Home Network configuration on my Windows 7.  I would like to be able to send documents/photos/printing instructions, etc from my iPad Air, iPhone 6 to my computer and visa versa via wireless.
I currently have a wireless network set up (done by Comcast), that enables the laptops or other devises to connect to the web or watch TV wireless via their router but I don’t see how I can use this to for example send a picture from my iPhone to my computer or to instruct the printer to print a document from my iPad.
I’ve looked into setting up a Home Group Network but got totally lost in the process.  Can someone give me step by step instructions please? Thanks
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I find the best way to share documents with mobile devices is via cloud storage (Google drive or Onedrive) that way documents and photos can be stored in a central location for you to retrieve on your home machine.

For the printing i have an AirPrint/Cloud Printer from HP (HP Officejet 7500a) which allows me to print from my Apple and Android devices directly to the Printer. AirPrint works really well on Apple devices as all that needs to be done to set this up is the printer has to be connected to the same network as the device wanting to print.
Look to see if the wired devices are on the same subnet as the wireless devices.

On a wireless computer, open command and type ipconfig  and enter. What is the internal IP address?

On a wired computer, do the same thing. What is the internal IP address?

If both are the same (except for the final octet) e.g. then connect the printer to the network, give it a static IP on the network. Now add the printer driver to the iPad.

The printer needs to be capable of air printing. My HP 8610 is capable and my iPhone has the HP driver on it for printing. It works fine.
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John, I went to run and put ipconfig and a black window with white letters showed up on the screen for a micro second and went away.  Tried it several times - got same result.
Roshan, is there a cost for using Google Drive?
No inital costs for Google Drive or One Drive.
You need to open command (cmd.exe) so that a black window open and stays open. Then run ipconfig. Please post the results back here.
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John, what you suggested worked.  I'm attaching a screenshot of the results.  None of this means anything to me but maybe it does to you.
The screen shot shows the end of the command - tunnel adapters. I would need the top half of the screen.
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John, sorry for delay.  Been working long hours.  I am sending you three shots that include everything that shows up on the black window.  For your information, the program on my ipad "File Manager", has a tab "wifi connect", when I click on that, it says enable - and its automatically turned on.  Below that, it shows:  The instructions are for me to go to computer on the left panel of explorer and to press connect to network.  Problem is, I don't have "connect to network" on my computer.
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Many thanks
@camtz - You are very welcome and I was happy to help.