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2008r2 stuck on welcome for an hour after restart

Windows 2008 r2 server (HP DL380p G8) after a restarts takes almost an hour to login.

This server used to not have this problem for about 8 months, but for the past 4 months it has had it and I don't know why.  After the restart I login and then have the words Welcome and a spinning hour glass.  The words Welcome stay for almost an hour until I finally get to the desktop.  During this time the server will reply to pings.  I don’t have this issue when restarting in safe mode with networking.  I do have this issue if clean boot (msconfig and disable all non-MS services and disable all in Startup tab).

This only happens after a restart and regardless of the way connecting (console, rdp, or ilo).  If I simply log off and then back on there is no delay.  There is no delay in safe mode with networking either.

Extra info....the NIC is HP Ethernet 1 Gb 4-port 331FL and the driver is provided by HP 16.6.04 but the driver details states provider Broadcom
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Cliff Galiher
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That sounds like a bad group policy. 60 minutes is the default timeout for the GPclient to kill failed policy attempts. Things like installing an application, printer deployments (which apply drivers), or even folder redirection if the user has a ton of local data that needs to be moved over a slow link are all examples of policies I've seen that will consistently try to apply and fail ,using an hour long delay. And it'll try to re-apply after a reboot so the login delay repeats.
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One thing we have configured in our environment for servers with slow logins is the setting where you wait for GPO's to apply before you login. I would try creating a gpo with that setting specified, i would configure it to wait 1 minute for GPO's to apply before logging in. See if that helps.
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Roshan - how do create the GPO you are talking about?
I don't think it is an issue with GPO since I have 6 other servers in the same OU and they don't have this issue. got me going down the right path.

I had to use GhostBuster to clean out ghost VSS.

Good articles on issue.  Also read the comments for additional thoughts and tools.