I need to know how to Open and Print a .ITF file.

I am clueless about how to use this file but I need to be able to print it to a Datamax printer. I have read online that this is a SAPscrit file. I think it was created by bartender but I cannot get it to open with the program. How can I view or edit the file....is this an Image file that I can view ?
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You can try to open it with a text editor - even Notepad will do. If the file contains text, that text will then be readable and even printable. A script file will be readable. Even if it is a binary file, there may still be readable text in it.

To open it in Notepad, you can:

1. start Notepad and use File > Open. Make sure you select "All files" as the file type.
2. from Windows Explorer, drag and drop the file onto the Notepad icon (or Window if Notepad is open).
3. right-click the file and select "Open with". Then select (or browse to) Notepad.

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Bartender can create the ITF file, but it cannot re-import it. The real way to use your ITF file is to upload it into SAP and the run the appropriate SAP report, as detailed on page 5 of the "Exporting Printer Code Templates" manual
jbovalley1Author Commented:
Is Sap an Application I can install in Windows ?
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jbovalley1Author Commented:
I would like to view or Print the image associate with the script not view the script itself.
jbovalley1Author Commented:
I only have the script files, would I need to have the database to go with this ?  Am I able to do anything with these files ?   These files we copied off a computer that has been stolen by an employee that used them to run the labels on a Datamax printer.
SAP is a suite of database programs - not exactly an application you can download. You should be able to use SAP Smartforms to print your ITF file, but there would be a learning curve... The price will be rather steep, too.

There does not appear to be a program that can let you view ITF files. If the file was created by Bartender, you may be able to use Bartender to export the image in a different format.
jbovalley1Author Commented:
Bartender cannot open the file,
Being that I don't have the original computer or data when these files were created ... would these scripts be of any use ?  Are they Jus scripts that point to the data base Original database or will these files be able to produce an Image if I figure out how to use Sap ?
They are "printer code templates" (whatever that means, exactly) created by Bartender, to be used for printing through SAP.

As fas as I can tell, if you do not have SAP they are of no use whatsoever. Even if you do install SAP (at whatever cost) these are not "image files" that can be viewed or printed to reveal what they are. They are only used as part of reports created from a SAP database.

As far as I can tell, these files are of no use to you, unless you have the rest of the programs and database(s) that they were created for. I should add the caveat that I do not have any experience with SAP or Bartender.
What are you trying to achieve? You said the employee stole this computer.

Are you trying to figure out what s/he was doing with it? In that case, I think your best bet may be to open it in Notepad as I suggested earlier. Read any text that's inside, and see if that gives you any clues.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Just to reinterate hdhondt's post:

If this was used for printing labels as described it's likely the best you are going to be able to do with the file in isolation is find pointers to the database that the labels are merged from (try Notepad).  Don't get confused here with the commercial product ITF whose .ITF file type is used to secure image files for printing.  The Bartender .ITF is just supporting the structure for the printing - it does not contain an image or images itself without the database to pull info from on its own the file is little help in determining what was printed.
jbovalley1Author Commented:
Yes the employee stole the computer but before he did , one of the guys in the office saved these files as a back up  as we thought that it would contain the data images we need.  I opened one of the files in Notepad and I will paste it below....I think you answered my question but I jus want to confirm that these are no use before I get rid of them....

<!--Written by Netira V2.1.0.0--><Legend type="Image.V1" PaperColor="White" BackgroundColor="DarkGray"><DeviceInfo DeviceURI="Datamax.DatamaxDriver.Uri[MM4206]/"><DeviceName>M 4206</DeviceName></DeviceInfo><Description /><Mirrored>false</Mirrored><Orientation>DEG_0</Orientation><Width>10160</Width><Height>10160</Height><FieldList><Logo type="Logo.V1"><Name>LOGO_1</Name><ID>1</ID><Geometry><X>1250</X><Y>250</Y><Rotation>0</Rotation></Geometry><FieldColor>BLACK</FieldColor><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item><Item><Key>IsHiddenAppInfo</Key><Value type="IsHiddenAppInfo.V1"><IsHidden>false</IsHidden></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><FileName>C:\Users\Kalman Goodman\Desktop\Art Work\Apple Gourmet Resized.png</FileName><Width>8500</Width><Height>1750</Height></Logo><AlphaNumeric type="AlphaNum.V1"><Name>TEXT_1</Name><ID>4</ID><Geometry><X>1000</X><Y>1750</Y><Rotation>0</Rotation></Geometry><FieldColor>BLACK</FieldColor><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item><Item><Key>IsHiddenAppInfo</Key><Value type="IsHiddenAppInfo.V1"><IsHidden>false</IsHidden></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><Logged>false</Logged><Text type="TextBased.V1"><Inverted>false</Inverted><OverlayMode>BLOCK</OverlayMode><Font type="DatamaxScalableFonts.V1"><Typeface>CG Triumvirate</Typeface><CharHeight>750</CharHeight><CharWidth>844</CharWidth><Filename /><Bold>false</Bold><Italic>false</Italic><Underline>false</Underline></Font><FitToBox type="FitToBoxLayout.V1"><TextWidth>9000</TextWidth><TextHeight>1250</TextHeight><Justification>CENTRE</Justification></FitToBox></Text><Static type="StaticSrc.V1"><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>DataSource.PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><Text>BABAGANUSH W. 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Containd Sesame and Soy.
Use with in 10 days from opening</Text></Static></AlphaNumeric><Logo type="Logo.V1"><Name>LOGO_0</Name><ID>16</ID><Geometry><X>7750</X><Y>6750</Y><Rotation>0</Rotation></Geometry><FieldColor>BLACK</FieldColor><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item><Item><Key>IsHiddenAppInfo</Key><Value type="IsHiddenAppInfo.V1"><IsHidden>false</IsHidden></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><FileName>C:\Users\Kalman Goodman\Desktop\Art Work\OK Symbol.png</FileName><Width>2250</Width><Height>2000</Height></Logo><AlphaNumeric type="AlphaNum.V1"><Name>TEXT_4</Name><ID>17</ID><Geometry><X>2250</X><Y>9750</Y><Rotation>0</Rotation></Geometry><FieldColor>BLACK</FieldColor><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item><Item><Key>IsHiddenAppInfo</Key><Value type="IsHiddenAppInfo.V1"><IsHidden>false</IsHidden></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><Logged>false</Logged><Text type="TextBased.V1"><Inverted>false</Inverted><OverlayMode>MERGE</OverlayMode><Font type="DatamaxScalableFonts.V1"><Typeface>CG Triumvirate</Typeface><CharHeight>423</CharHeight><CharWidth>423</CharWidth><Filename /><Bold>false</Bold><Italic>false</Italic><Underline>false</Underline></Font></Text><Static type="StaticSrc.V1"><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>DataSource.PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><Text>Phone: (718) 285-7772 Fax: (718) 759-6550</Text></Static></AlphaNumeric><Logo type="Logo.V1"><Name>LOGO_2</Name><ID>21</ID><Geometry><X>1000</X><Y>6750</Y><Rotation>0</Rotation></Geometry><FieldColor>BLACK</FieldColor><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item><Item><Key>IsHiddenAppInfo</Key><Value type="IsHiddenAppInfo.V1"><IsHidden>false</IsHidden></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><FileName>C:\Users\Kalman Goodman\Desktop\Art Work\TartikovBethDin Small.jpg</FileName><Width>3000</Width><Height>2250</Height></Logo><AlphaNumeric type="AlphaNum.V1"><Name>TEXT_5</Name><ID>22</ID><Geometry><X>4500</X><Y>8500</Y><Rotation>0</Rotation></Geometry><FieldColor>BLACK</FieldColor><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item><Item><Key>IsHiddenAppInfo</Key><Value type="IsHiddenAppInfo.V1"><IsHidden>false</IsHidden></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><Logged>false</Logged><Text type="TextBased.V1"><Inverted>false</Inverted><OverlayMode>MERGE</OverlayMode><Font type="DatamaxScalableFonts.V1"><Typeface>CG Triumvirate</Typeface><CharHeight>500</CharHeight><CharWidth>460</CharWidth><Filename /><Bold>false</Bold><Italic>false</Italic><Underline>false</Underline></Font></Text><Static type="StaticSrc.V1"><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>DataSource.PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><Text>Bulk Net Wt. 5lb</Text></Static></AlphaNumeric><Logo type="Logo.V1"><Name>LOGO_3</Name><ID>23</ID><Geometry><X>4000</X><Y>6500</Y><Rotation>0</Rotation></Geometry><FieldColor>BLACK</FieldColor><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="PropertyBag.V1"><Item><Key>PerJobData</Key><Value type="PerJobData.V1"><PropertyMap /></Value></Item></PropertyBag></AppInfo><FileName>C:\Users\Kalman Goodman\Desktop\Art Work\Walla Logo B&amp;W.jpg</FileName><Width>3500</Width><Height>1875</Height></Logo></FieldList><AppInfo><PropertyBag type="ImagePropertyBag.V1"><RemotingMap type="RemotingInfoList.V1"><RemotingLinks /></RemotingMap></PropertyBag></AppInfo></Legend>

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Pretty much as expected you can see the print instructions and paths to images in a named profile, if you can access the source machine or if the profile is redirected to a networked location you can see the content that was included in the printed document.  Otherwise the files are not much use to you.
Agree with MASQ; the file contains references to 4 image files:

<FileName>C:\Users\Kalman Goodman\Desktop\Art Work\Apple Gourmet Resized.png</FileName>
<FileName>C:\Users\Kalman Goodman\Desktop\Art Work\OK Symbol.png</FileName>
<FileName>C:\Users\Kalman Goodman\Desktop\Art Work\TartikovBethDin Small.jpg</FileName>
<FileName>C:\Users\Kalman Goodman\Desktop\Art Work\Walla Logo B&amp;W.jpg</FileName>

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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
This is an XML document used to describe the layout of labels produced by a program called Netira for printing on a Datamax label printer.  It describes the layout of the label, the location of static images used in the label, static text on the label, fonts used, and the names of "mail merge" type fields in the label that can be used to create a series of labels from data in a database, spreadsheet, or other data source.

Looks like a label that is applied to food products.  Perhaps this is something that the former employee was working on?


You'd need to load it into Netira to get it to do anything meaningful.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Thanks for the points but credit for this really belongs entirely to hdhondt - I've really added very little to their explanation.  Their suggestion to use Notepad at the outset really deserves the accept.
I agree with MASQ again.

All I did was to extract a few lines from the posted file, to reinforce the explanations provided by other responders.
jbovalley1Author Commented:
Noted....is there a way to change the point sharing ?
Thanks, MASQ & DansDad. I dropped out because of time differences. Unfortunately I need my sleep sometimes...
jbovalley1Author Commented:
Thanks Alot Guys ....Really appreciate the help!
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