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Hello Experts,

For those who are familiar with ImageMapster .........

The below is my current script that basically position the mouse-over tooltip at the center of the selected map area.
Now i facing a new requirement to position the tooltip absolute over the selected map area 5 pixels above (like every normal tooltip works). I was trying editing the current positioning but no luck getting it to work.

Any help form someone who understand this script below would be very much appreciated.

var areaMapPosition = $(areaMapId).attr('coords').split(',');

$("#tooltip").css({top:areaMapPosition[1]+"px",left:areaMapPosition[0]+"px", "line-height": areaMapPosition[3]-areaMapPosition[1]+4+"px" }).html(text).width(areaMapPosition[2]-areaMapPosition[0]+"px").height(areaMapPosition[3]-areaMapPosition[1]+"px").show();

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TBH I don't remember it, it looks to be getting whatever the position of the map segment is and splitting it, is the page online?

So the tooltip should show just above where the cursor happens to be?
You would need to get the position of the mouseX and mouseY when moving the mouse

Simple example showing how to pass the coordinates when hovering the map (div)

Then use them instead of areaMapPosition[]
Where does...
absolute over the selected map area 5 pixels above
...put the tooltip?
In relation to the cursor or the map segment?
RefaelAuthor Commented:
Hi Gary. Thank you for you comment.

Currently the script above position the tooltip in the center of each map area.
The relation is to the each map area  (not the cursor).

I do not understand how the second line i posted above that deals with the position of the tooltip. Currently the tooltip is positioned in the center of each map area now i need to position it so above it. If you can explain the positioning in the second line i posted above (it was your solution last year) I might be able to do that alone :-)

Thank you again!
RefaelAuthor Commented:
As always, Gary that's what i was looking for! Thank you so much!
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