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Dell PowerEdge raid drive replacement

After determining that one of the drives in the raid is going out, I need to find the best procedure to replace the drives and keep the server operating as it was before. They are about 10 years old.

The Dell Poweredge is from about 2001, and was upgraded by a tech guy to a raid setup in 2006: Two Maxtor 6L300R0 drives, 128 gig each, in separate internal slots in the server. W2000 Server computer management currently says:

Disk 0:
32mb_up FAT

Disk 1:
e:  no info

f: cdrom

Sometimes the computer management says the above, and sometimes Disk 1 is grayed out, and sometimes the Disk Management folder is "locked and cannot be accessed".  The goal is to keep it operating, while replacing the drives, so:

1. A local tech guy said to go ahead and get 2 replacement Maxtor drives, and then we can replace one at a time, but he needs to know if they are scsi or other. How to determine?

2. Should I try to format Disk 1, or do a surface scan with a dos bootup?

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