Black and White Print Queue printing Colour

Strange problem, We have two print queue's setup on a Windows 2008 R2 Print Server, one for Colour and one for Black and White, now this works fine when a user prints from there local Desktop IE if they print to the black and white printer it prints in black and white only.  Now when the user connects to there Terminal Server session (which is a Windows 2008 R2 Server) they have there local printers passed through via the RDP connection, if they print now to the black and white printer queue it comes out in Colour even though the settings are correct in the print queue.  The driver being used by the passed through print queue is the correct Sharp printer and not Easy Print driver as we have had issues with the easy print driver.

One more thing is that if we add the print queue directly to the Terminal Server client then it prints in Black and White without issue it appears to be ignoring the fact that its a black and white printer when it gets redirected from the local desktop to the Terminal Server.

Any help would be most welcome :)
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Redirected printers, depending on the drivers, will "forget" the settings of the main computer. Sometimes, it only forgets for certain applications in the TS session.
Therefore, having the printer added on the TS server would be the best solution (requires direct networking, maybe a dedicated VPN line). If this is not a feasible solution, the only way is to set the printer properties inside the TS session again (or as I mentioned, maybe even again in certain apps). Usually, it will remember these settings from now on (even after logging off and on).
Jamie786Author Commented:
The only issue is that with a separate print queue all office products ignore the settings set and default back to the drivers default settings IE colour.  So even after I create a black and white queue and publish this print queue as soon as someone opens up a word document or any other office document with colour in it and try's to print it to the black and white printer queue it prints in colour.

What I need is a way to remove the colour option directly from the driver so the driver doesn't know it has a colour print option.
True, except if the queue originates from another server, then the settings are enforced (in a way). It requires the investment of a server though.
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Jamie786Author Commented:
The queue's are coming from a Print server, a windows 2008 R2 print server and all users are able to print in colour even though colour has been removed in the default preferences... the problem seems t still be there even if you are enforcing them via another server.
Sorry, I thought your situation was like this:

Client (with printer from printer server) > connects to TS > the redirected printers "don't" listen

What I meant your new situation should be >

Client (doesn't matter which printers)  > connects to TS > in TS session, use the printer from the printer server directly. settings enforced from the printer server, usually doesn't have the "don't listen problem". Usually, connect once to the printer at \\printserver\printer_name and the next time the user connects, this printer is still in his profile, and should listen to the settings, as the "forgetting" only happens to redirected printers, which you are not using right now.
Jamie786Author Commented:
At first I thought that was the case that only the clients Redirected printer would not work but it appears that it's also printers added onto the TS servers and local that have this problem as well with office documents.  I read somewhere that it's possible to strip out the colour profiles of a printer driver but I can't seem to find the reference for this.  If that is possible I could use that driver for the black and white printers and the colour one for the colour printers and no matter what then it would work as expected.
A Sharp technician should help you with that. With HP Laserjets it's quite easy (since they mostly "talk" the same language, you use the drivers from a BW Laserjet in the same series). I suspect the same principle should apply here (except that I never delved that deeply into Sharp printers).
Just to be sure you followed the correct steps (thereby maybe not needing the other solution), you DID SET the preferences in the server in the printer at the Advanced tab >Printing Defaults, right ? (Because the General tab > Printing preference doesn't propagate to the user). Please note, if you did indeed use the wrong preferences, and you use the correct one now, users might still be using the old settings, and will only use the new settings after deleting the printer, and adding it again.
Also note, if MOST applications listen to the settings, except one or two, after setting the options correctly in these one or two applications, those settings ARE "remembered". You need everyone to do those steps one or two times, but at least the problem is gone then (except for new users, follow steps again, one time only)
Jamie786Author Commented:
Sharp finally sent a black and white only driver for the model of printer we have.  That has resolved the issue

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Jamie786Author Commented:
Sharp's own solution.
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