Renaming multiple text files based on their contents- Batch File/VB Script

I am trying to rename a series of .txt files in a directory according to a specific phrase/text in each given text file. Put differently and more specifically, I have 100 text files with arbitrary or random names but within each file is a unique phrase/text (something like: GEMSAM_IN_USD_GEMSIT_MKE/ GEMSAM_IN_USD_IT_USA_DATEX_LAU/ GEMSAM_IN_USD_GEMSIT_DTJ). I would like to replace the arbitrary file name with the **desired** file name.

For E.G. When I open the text file and find text "GEMSAM_IN_USD_GEMSIT_MKE" the file name should be renamed as MKE.txt or if I find "GEMSAM_IN_USD_IT_USA_DATEX_LAU" file name should be LAU.txt. The text/phrase is static and will not change.

I used the below mentioned syntax but nothing happened and I am clueless, and this is my first real foray into batch programming so the syntax is fairly new to me.

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

for /f "tokens=*" %%1 in ('type 502236373.123456.txt ^| find "GEMSAS_IN_JPY_DTYMS_JAPAN"') do (
    set line=%%1&set line=!line:~1!

copy C:\Users\gk814256\Desktop\Docstore Test\new.txt

I am looking for Batch file or VB script or anything that meets my exact needs.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am looking forward for the positive response!!!!!!

Ganesh VijaykumarAsked:
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not sure how many different phrase/desired filename pairs you have, but...

save the following code as a batch file and run it providing one of the phrases as a will search all .txt files in the folder where you run it and find the phrase provided...if the phrase exists in a file, it will rename the file to the last three characters of the phrase with a .txt extension.  Obviously this assumes that the provided phrase only exists in a single txt file...

set nametmp=%1
set name=%nametmp:~-3%
for %%i in (*.txt) do Find "%1" %%i && ren %%i %name%.txt

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Ganesh VijaykumarAuthor Commented:
@dlb6597 : Thanks a ton for the solution!!!!  This code worked like a gem... You are "Rock star" in my books and thanks again for making my day..!!!!!!
you're welcome!
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