Can Image file come from external computer in img tag?

To display the contents of the image in img tag, I have been storing image files in the web server where this website is running from.
My question is if I store these image files on another computer on the same network and have img tag access it thru mapped drive or something like that?

Here is current statement:

 <img border="0" height=200 width=200 src="">

To access image files on external computer shared folder, can I do something like this?

 <img border="0" height=200 width=200 src="\\Server1\image/images/pic1.jpg">
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Only in Internet Explorer. You can use the file:// prefix.  Firefox does not allow UNC paths.

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You can have a symbolic link pointing to the location of the image folder
How you set it up depends on the server
Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of Commented:
you could also set up a virtual directory in your site that points to the server
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sgleeAuthor Commented:
Whatever I do, it has to be compatible with all browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome.
Can you give me an example of "You can have a symbolic link pointing to the location of the image folder"?
@BigMontyIIS Website PropertiesAre you referring to changing "resource" in Home Directory of IIS website to either "A Shared Located on another computer" or "A redirection to URL"?
From a command prompt run

mklink /D "linked/to/path" "full/path/to/real/folder"
Big MontySenior Web Developer / CEO of Commented:
no, that is something different. a virtual folder allows you to map a folder to your website that is out of your website folder structure. have a look at this article for more detailed info:
"To access image files on external computer shared folder, can I do something like this?"
The answer is really no, you cannot do UNC except in IE.  There are virtual folders for websites. If you can create one to a share then that should work.

It don't suppose it is possible to run IIS on that box and farm out your images from a webserver on it and reference them in that way?
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