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Need an easy way to print my MSFlexGrid in VB6

al4629740 asked
Last Modified: 2014-12-04
I need an easy way to print my MSFlexGrid in VB6.  The problem with my present setup is that it is repeating the first row on every page when it prints the flexgrid.  I would simply like to print the grid with the headings.

Currently I am using this command

FlexGridPrint Me.MSFlexGrid1, , , , , 1

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where is the code for FlexGridPrint?

try this code: Print a FlexGrid control's data


How would I call the routine?  Example please?


Basically how would I execute this code:

Private Sub PrintFlexGrid(ByVal ptr As Object, ByVal flx As _
    MSFlexGrid, ByVal xmin As Single, ByVal ymin As Single)
Const GAP = 60

Dim xmax As Single
Dim ymax As Single
Dim X As Single
Dim c As Integer
Dim r As Integer

    With ptr.Font
        .Name = flxData.Font.Name
        .Size = flxData.Font.Size
    End With

    With flxData
        ' See how wide the whole thing is.
        xmax = xmin + GAP
        For c = 0 To .Cols - 1
            xmax = xmax + .ColWidth(c) + 2 * GAP
        Next c

        ' Print each row.
        ptr.CurrentY = ymin
        For r = 0 To .Rows - 1
            ' Draw a line above this row.
            If r > 0 Then ptr.Line (xmin, _
                ptr.CurrentY)-(xmax, ptr.CurrentY)
            ptr.CurrentY = ptr.CurrentY + GAP

            ' Print the entries on this row.
            X = xmin + GAP
            For c = 0 To .Cols - 1
                ptr.CurrentX = X
                ptr.Print BoundedText(ptr, .TextMatrix(r, _
                    c), .ColWidth(c));
                X = X + .ColWidth(c) + 2 * GAP
            Next c
            ptr.CurrentY = ptr.CurrentY + GAP

            ' Move to the next line.
        Next r
        ymax = ptr.CurrentY

        ' Draw a box around everything.
        ptr.Line (xmin, ymin)-(xmax, ymax), , B

        ' Draw lines between the columns.
        X = xmin
        For c = 0 To .Cols - 2
            X = X + .ColWidth(c) + 2 * GAP
            ptr.Line (X, ymin)-(X, ymax)
        Next c
    End With
End Sub

' Truncate the string so it fits within the width.
Private Function BoundedText(ByVal ptr As Object, ByVal txt _
    As String, ByVal max_wid As Single) As String
    Do While ptr.TextWidth(txt) > max_wid
        txt = Left$(txt, Len(txt) - 1)
    BoundedText = txt
End Function

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not fully explained
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I did do that....  I get an "object required" error on this line:

    With ptr.Font
        .Name = flxData.Font.Name

did it work? or you're still getting the error? i just noticed ur comment!


I still get the same error

can you show me the code that you used? i tried the same code on my pc, and it works perfectly!
please provide me with the code you're using! (if you modified it), if not, send me how you're calling the function
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