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get-cspoolfabricstate returns blank

Hi guys,

Google has turned up a big fat zero hence me turning to you guys, Google++ ;)

Just installed a second FE Enterprise pool with a view to running Active/Passive. The pool has come up OK (all services have started) but when I run get-cspoolfabricstate against the second pool FQDN, each section is blank.

Does this mean the pool's OK? I'm not getting errors about "primaries" etc. Just want to know if I can proceed by setting Pool 2 as resilient to Pool 1 and publish the topology and there not be any errors?!!!
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Steven Sheeley
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Has Pool #2 been added to the topology and the topology published?
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Hi yes, absolutely! :)
Your question asks if you can set the pools to resilient and then publish the topology without errors, but now you are saying that the topology is already published. I'm a little confused.
Sorry Steven, because of the time constraints I ended up having to publish the topology. All users currently hit the first pool, so didn't see an urgent need to get it resolved.

I'm curious though as to why when I run that cmdlet, it's all blank. I was presuming this was because the pool was inactive, but if I need to resolve the issue before there's an actual outage -- that would be good....
What is the output when you run get-cspoolfabricstate against the active pool?
I don't have access to it currently; but it comes back healthy (i.e. has the servers, and counts, and doesn't complain about no primaries or anything like that). I was expecting the same on the secondary pool..
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Steven Sheeley
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Cheers Steven,

It's for 7500 users - think they're going to do some failover testing next couple weeks. I just wanted to make sure that the passive pool would return blanks, and was a bit nervous as I couldn't see any references to it on the rest of the Internet..

There's no Lync section on EE, is that right?
Not that I am aware of, most of the Lync questions get dumped into Experts Exchange > Networking > Telecommunications > IP Telephony > Voice Over IP