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Word document showing codes

Dear experts

I was working with my document and after a reboot the document no longer showable. Using office 2010, Word 2010, and when I open the file it shows alots codes like this:

×;ÏC PEZ‹c]¯8åã#ç
ÅVs¤²Â ÙK@ 6.þƒe
cY‚Ü«ß– fuzÍ 3
ÈaóÞrT”)sG lÛzMù'ÿR °9:o ìÄNtpw PM è!]<T?äR¨
H{é¼ K²”ô • öŠÂU E)[  â  usA Ó%>ŒB yC L½Df  §ü öHÕ– ò^ éÆÔ=`} ͇•£ ÂM S¿bé”&¾«wðÌ
"Bè1®4 3R Š XJ %WÁëz¡Ù¼Cøš/.ÿÌM[¥á>¿f®çe’Ö4xvÞñÅ)¨è¨˜¡¦“òG4 |™q «p!\ñ‚€1à Kleâ
£)ãTê0ؾ…q + ã‚  Ù©  Ð¿_ø«Ìù"Á¾+k!#Ó
»ôYŒ<1˜¤m% ÁJŠró8«Ñ | ®:Wµ ÞWŠðº ±€ ¨ãt¤z½"ÿo<äIêuŒ…ƒ‰z+ØŸ/OþàÓ§Ûƒm  {M¹Â ºÙ|í,I±¹'‚½Äù¯ Úó…¬:o ‹

I thought it was encoding problem so I check all the encodings that Word got but no luck... and I tried to save to txt file, this didnt work as well. I also tried to using recover/repair and see if that work, but still no luck. Any ideas?

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it should be a zip file (docx) and should start with "PK..." when you view it in a text editor... also, when you rename it and change extension to zip, you should be opening with winzip.... if not, file is corrupted...
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it's 100% not a zip file, because I created it yesterday and saved too. Well then the file is corrupted then... is there a way to fix it?
if it is not a valid or recoverable zip file, you are out of luck i guess...
I mean how could this even happen? And how could this can not be fix?
no idea how it is corrupted :) can you please open it with a nice editor (notepad++ for example) in hex mode and post & screenshot of initial part of the file? copy & paste does not help a lot here...
here it comes
No idea what it is :) and word or zip app is right to complain about it...
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after a reboot the document no longer showable
Was there a crash or a lockup that forced a reboot and caused the possible corruption?
Try to open as a .xml file in excel. Otherwise,
 -  is this a 'sensitive' document???
  -  could the file be posted without revealing any identifiable personal data???
this document is not sensitive, because it was always on desktop and can open it without problem, well I got some crash in Word Before I rebooted the computer, not sure if that could be the reason... anyway im still looking for program to repair it, if its possible.
What Paul was asking is whether the document contains "sensitive" information, for instance peoples' names and addresses, financial information, etc, or whether it would be possible to attach the file for us all to have a look at.

Upload it to this site and see what it tells you:
I can see "PEZ" in the first line and I am wondering if this is a file identifier, but it is probably just part of the rubbish code,

Perhaps this related issue with an Excel document is just a coincidence, but I wonder if there is some new malware around that is corrupting Office documents:

One of the suggestions in that ither question was to submit the file to and see if it is recoverable.  I think you will have to pay though.
I uploaded the files to the and it says file type: Unknown! I also tried the and tried the demo version of recover... its the same problem... I will post the file here so you can take look at it.

Ok now i understand what happend, its a virus or named cryptowall... Now I need to try recover the deleted files... ffs, that virus is very tricky...
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Im still needing help to decrypt the files, but the solution and reason who is coming from BillDL seems good.
Thank you Handersson75.

Unfortunately I do not know of any way to decrypt files that have been damaged by CryptoWall.  I would simply be searching Google just as you would be doing.