Acer Aspier LImited Access

I spent way too much time on this last night.  Task bar shows Limited Access to all attempted networks yet I am submitting this question from computer in question, so why mess with it. The unknown network doesn't work for printing and drops out randomly.

I have...

Uninstalled reinstalled device and MS  mini port
disable mini port
disabled high speed Bluetooth for Atheros AR5B97
loop back ping normal result
Pinging anywhere else normal result
tried connecting to apple, netgear, and moble access points.
Drivers are up to date
I have reset tcp stack and all the other things suggested in another post here
restarted a few hundred times
tried w/ and w/o ipv4 and 6
removed and reinstalled adapter
my router shows me as a user
the IP and DNS are all set to Auto
DHCP enabled

At a loss. I am sure there is stuff that I did in the middle of the night that I forgot here, but if anyone can help it wold be greatly appreciated.

So  to be clear, as I send this I have the signal strengh in task bar with a sun over it and and unknown network when I check network and sharing center, but this is working fine, but no printing because of unknown network.


Pat O'BrienPastorAsked:
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when did this problem come up?
if recent, a system restore to a date it was ok can help you out quickly
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Either remove and rebuild the specific wireless network which should fix the unknown issue or go to the device manager, uninstall the wireless adapter, reboot, and then put the wireless network back which should completely rebuild the wireless properties, as well.

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Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
Owner isn't sure and has been living with it.  I went back a to first restore point and it didn't change anything.  

I have removed ALL wireless networks. I removed them all, removed drivers, removed from device manager and started from scratch.  I tried that with my home WAP, my mobile WAP, my phones WAP and when to work and tried it with that one.  All with same result.  So, Apple, Netgear, Cisco, HTC, and linksys build devices all meet with same result.
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>>   has been living with it.  <<  yep - i know, one of those that keep using the pc till it absolutely does not work anymore

in such cases, a fresh install, or factory reset is often the only real solution

but DO ask him if it EVER worked ok ?
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
she is not sure if it ever worked.  I was thinking about a fresh install, but having redone everything, I am not sure what that will do.  I am also wondering about the MS mini port.  If there were not such a plethera of others with same issue.  I would be more willing to do a fresh install, but those that have done a fresh install are not seeing a fix.

I am all for buying a new computer that isn't an ACER!
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Don't blame Acer (!); she is the one that ignored the warnings and Acer, ironically, is one of the few left who manufacture their own PC's.
Have you tried TDSSKiller, Roguekiller, or AdwCleaner to eliminate malware? (Google them)
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
I used the Avira linux rescue boot cd.  I can blame Acer.  You go to their site and the thread on this is locked because they say if one of the options already mentioned don't work it has to be user error.  I tried calling and that met with them only wanting money.  Do a quick google search, this is a significant issue.  And a very basic, older computer user has the right to expect that her computer works right.  She got to the internet, just couldn't print.  Through the 'sun" on the signal strength was a good think.  There were none of the usual warning signs and she had internet access through her browsers.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
I'd love to know the model number, especially since almost everybody uses Atheros network cards.
Have you tried going to the web interface for the printer, setting it to a static ip (i.e. 192.168.x.150), and then adding that as the port to her printer driver?  It may be a viable workaround, eliminating the need for the existing port to find the printer.
you can always exchange the wifi network card - they don't cost much
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
Model Aspire 7741z-4643 ... I can't find anyway or anyone online that has found a way to trick the printer in thinking that unknown in the name of a real network.  Printer manufacturer, Brother, was very helpful and is trying to find a solution also.  I have thought of goal is to have her just get a new computer.  Watching her learn win 8.1 will be fun....
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
NO SOLUTION FOUND...friend gave it to a kid to play with, how do I show that here.
Pat O'BrienPastorAuthor Commented:
Owner of computer gave it to a kid and solution was not found.  you both were helpful so I just spit the points.
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