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Dynamic Distribution Group recipient filter

I need to create a recipient filter that on gets users that have a certain Office value and a certain Title but it will be several specific office values and several title values.   ie: 3102-nashville or 3104 Smyrna  with the title of plant mgr or operations mgr or mgr  I have this so far but it is including any one with the titles listed

-RecipientFilter {((Office -eq '7120 - LKQ Delaware LLP' -or (Office -eq '7142 - LKQ Sonshine Auto Parts') -or (Office -eq '7145 - LKQ M Robert') -or (Office -eq '7160 - Lecavalier - Saint-Sophie,QC') -or (Office -eq '7161 - Lecavalier - St-Jean-sur-Richelieu,QC') -or (Office -eq '7162 - Lecavalier - Laval,QC') -or (Office -eq '3256 - Montreal, QC (#256)') -or (Office -eq '3257 - Ste. Madeleine, QC (M Robert)') -or (Office -eq '3260 - Sherbrooke, QC (#260)') -and ((Title -eq 'Category Manager') -or (Title -eq 'PBE Branch Mgr')-or (Title -eq 'Plant Mgr') -or (Title -eq 'Yard Mgr') -or (Title -eq 'Office Mgr') -or (Title -eq 'Warehouse Mgr') -or (Title -eq 'Sales Mgr - Inside Sales') -or (Title -eq 'Sr VP Human Resources') -or (Title -eq 'Product Support Mgr') -or (Title -eq 'VP Operations') -or (Title -eq 'Regional Sales Mgr') -or (Title -eq 'Inventory Mgr - E') -or (Title -eq 'Purchasing Mgr'))}

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