BitLocker Driver Error 24586

i'm running an HP ProLiant G360e Gen8 server with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.  After going through having HP replace the system board and TPM chip, I was finally able to start the encryption process on c:\.  However, the encryption stops and requests I do a chkdsk c: /r, When run, it never completes because a blue screen of death appears (see photo), the process then runs in a continual loop unless someone presses a key to not let it begin.  I'm attaching the info displayed on the blue screen, but when looking at the System log, the error number is 24586.

Before calling HP to come back and look at the hardware, I'd like to see if anyone else has had this issue and successfully resolved it before calling the hardware vendor.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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Checkdisk does not care if Bitlocker is involved or not - so BL does not matter here.
If it crashes while checking the disk, your drive/storage array has serious problems. If it is a raid array, you should look at the controller's health indicators. Have your backup ready :|

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rgreenbergAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your answer, and you right on target here.  What it appears to be that when we bought the server, the reseller forgot to include the license for SAS drives.  The license has been ordered and all should be well.
rgreenbergAuthor Commented:
Answer was right on target.
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What license is that? Never heard before.
rgreenbergAuthor Commented:
If it's any consolation, in my entire time doing IT for law firms, I've never seen this happen either.

During my call, below is what was found:

Under the Array Configuration Utility, there is a message "Manage License Keys - Dynamic Smart Array B320i RAID in Embedded Slot".  Underneath, there's a link to Add License Key.

The onboard controller only supports SATA drives; however, HP offers a license key to unlock the functionality for supporting SAS drives which is what we currently have deployed.

The solution:  
Instead of having the vendor replace the drives with SATA ones, he is having HP send me the license key, normally $100, but for us no cost.

I hope this explains why.  Once I get the key, I can follow-up again.
Wow. Never heard of that concept, interesting - thanks.
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