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Web Site Management Tool

I used to use years ago Dreamweaver 4.0 to help build web sites. I am out of the development stage these days. However, within Dreamweaver there is a tool called "site Manager". What this tool did was to logon to your web server. As you were changing and adding content on Dreamweaver's PC side, the Site Manager detected what had been modified, added or deleted and made sure the server side was in sync with the PC development side.

Now, I am moving sites around from box to box and was wondering if there was a "stand-alone" tool that could help the syncing of Linux server with the archive side on the PC in the same way as Dreamweaver's Site Manager did without the needing of the web development tools.

I realize I can do this manually by ftp back and forth. I just thought there may be an expensive tool to keep the remote content in sync.
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