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Calling a Web Service in VB.NET

Afternoon All,

PLEASE can someone help me before I go stir crazy in trying to figure this out. I am a SQL DBA that has self taught myself some VB.NET to interact with the SQL databases we have in-house for data input etc.

I have a web service that I am trying to build a 'Loader' for as the provided Java based one the company in question gave us cannot deal with multiple files and can only deal with one file at a time.

This is the URL of the WSDL. I have some automation software that has an inbuilt WebService/WCF Executer, while this is great to look at and does the job it doesn't work with my .NET so I am having to do this myself manually.

Essentially I need to fire some XML using a particular FUNCTION from the above WSDL to return a response to my application.

Now according to the automation program it uses the 'OpenInterchange' Class and then uses the OpenInterchange.XStreamMessage(x,x,x,x,1) METHOD to return the information.

I ended up with something along the lines of

        Dim MyService As New XstreamUAT.xStreamMessageRequest(brokreftxtbx.Text, bnumtxtbx.Text, lickeytxtbx.Text, "This", 30)

        Dim MyResult As New XstreamUAT.xStreamMessageResponse(MyService.ToString)


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But I'm getting nothing, I am obviously completely missing the point. I can't give you details to login to their WSDL but with the link I think there is enough information there to point me in the right direction.

All help appreciated.
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Have you already added a Service Reference to your project or used the wsdl utility to generate the service proxy class?

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I have already added a Service Reference. :)
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Hi Saige,

I tried

        Dim client As New XstreamUAT.OpenInterchangeClient("XstreamUAT", "") ' Depended upon your constructor usage.
        Dim strresult = client.xStreamMessage(brokreftxtbx.Text, bnumtxtbx.Text, lickeytxtbx.Text, "This", 30)

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But it returned :

Could not find endpoint element with name 'XstreamUAT' and contract 'XstreamUAT.OpenInterchange' in the ServiceModel client configuration section. This might be because no configuration file was found for your application, or because no endpoint element matching this name could be found in the client element.
Saige - you put me in the right ballpark.

2 Lines of code is all it took!

        Dim client As New XstreamUAT.OpenInterchangeClient()
        XMLResponseTxtBx.Text = client.xStreamMessage(brokreftxtbx.Text, bnumtxtbx.Text, lickeytxtbx.Text, "This", 10)

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Put me in the right ballpark!
This might be closer to what you are looking for:
Imports System.ServiceModel

Module Module1
	Sub Main()
		'Specify the binding to be used for the client.
		Dim binding As New BasicHttpBinding(BasicHttpSecurityMode.Transport)

		'Specify the address to be used for the client.
		Dim address As New EndpointAddress("")

		' Create a client that is configured with this address and binding.
		Dim client As New ServiceReference1.OpenInterchangeClient(binding, address)
		Dim [return] As String = client.xStreamMessage("test1", "test2", "unlicensed", "This", 30)
	End Sub
End Module

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Produces the following output for me:User generated image
Which we know is invalid for your use, but proves that I am getting a response from the service.

Saige - you are a gentleman and a scholar :)
Not a problem.  Glad I was able to assist.  ;)