Apache2 Server on Ubuntu

By following the Ubuntu Apache2 configuration documentation, and also watching some YouTube videos, I have configured my Apache2 server with three hosts configuration files with the original "000-default.conf", plus adding the two following configuration files that were duplicated from "000-default.conf", and renamed as follows:

000-default.conf renamed to "cissymccaa.com.conf"
000-default.conf renamed to "ridertek.com.conf".

I made the following changes to the default copies:

ridertek.com.conf was modified with these changes:
servername ridertek.com
serveralias www.ridertek.com
serveradmin admin@ridertek.com
documentroot /var/www/html/ridertek.com/index.html

I made similar changes to cissymccaa.com.conf:
servername cissymccaa.com
serveralias www.cissymccaa.com
serveradmin admin@ridertek.com
documentroot /var/www/html/cissymccaa.com/index.html

The HTML code for the two new sites was placed into directories as below:

site www.ridertek.com HTML was placed into directory /var/www/html/ridertek.com
site www.cissymccaa.com HTML was place into directory /var/www/html/cissymccaa.com

Both site's directory and files where chown and chgrp as "www-data"

Due to the "serveralias" parameter, I am expecting either URL in a browser external to LAN to be able to reach my site with either http://www.ridertek.com, or http://ridertek.com. However, I can only reach http://www.ridertek.com.

If I enter: http://ridertek.com, or second site, http://www.cissymccaaa.com and it's alias http://cissymccaa.com, I only get the apache2 default site.

On the other hand, within the LAN, if I enter:, or:, I will reach both sites with no problem. In the LAN, if I enter:, or:, I get message that server is not found.

I have checked my domain name service and find both www.ridertek.com and ridertek.com, plus www.cissymccaa.com and cissymccaa.com to point to my server's IP address.

What am I doing wrong here?
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RayRiderAuthor Commented:
I see my question has been marked "neglected". Apparently nobody who is Apache2 experienced can see my question.

I have fixed the problem but not totally sure what I did other than remove "index.html" for the documentroot parameter, and reverse servername and serveralias, and only later did I see it work correctly. Not sure about why a time delay. Maybe something in dns cache.

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