.ts files to .mp4

Whats the best video converter (free) to turn a .ts file into .mkv or .mp4

I've tried several and they are just too slow or end up with a file too large (saving about 10% on the original size)
I'm trying to get the smallest file possible with as little loss in quality as possible - say around 300-400 MB for an hour of video at around 640x size.
It's just music videos so quality wise it doesn't need to be crystal clear.
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You've tried several that would have helped if you mention them I may just offer something you already tried.
to turn a .ts file into .mkv or .mp4 is your first problem as not too many support this conversion.
I can recommend Freemake from this URL only> http://www.freemake.com/
Freemakeit supports these plus many more  but as with freeware it has an offer and you have deny them. Freemake has only one.
To simplify it for you I wrote up the steps from start to finish and stuck it on word doc
You may also see a virus warning which is a false flag.

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Gary, frankly you can't have both here unless you have masses of processing power.

If you want to grab an hour DVD quality and compress it to 640x480 you are going to have to make a lot of compromises on video quality to come in at under 400MB and to get something watchable the re-encoding process will take time (lots of it).  Most packages work the same way so there aren't any real stars for "free".  If you are only getting a 10% reduction in file size then you are probably letting the software make too many of the decisions for you and need to be more aggressive in your settings for quality reduction.

Assuming as they are music videos that you want to maintain the audio, don't reduce the audio stream bitrate to less than 320kbps at mp3.

If you want to look at typical settings for compression grab an MP4 from  Vevo, YouTube or one of the other music sites and look at the settings used for compression on there with a tool like Media Info.

If you want to do this for free you are going to have to be patient an spend a long time on the compression. TNSTAAFL.
GaryAuthor Commented:
Tried Freemake, barely any difference in size - 1GB file becomes about 800-900mb after conversion, hardly worth bothering with
Also tried XMedia and StaxRip (which was unbelievably slow)

I have about 17GB and I want to fit it on to a DVD9, so were talking about a 50% reduction
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GaryAuthor Commented:
Just tried again with Freemake, and don't know what I changed, but seems to be doing a pretty good job of reencoding at a small enough size with good quality.
Morning all, I'm in Australia Gary and wont respond till next day my time.
Glad to see you sorted it.
 with Freemake when you choose your output container then choose for what device I select for TV that gives you the  smaller size without loosing quality too much.
I take it you want to burn them back as a data disc? for storage/
I use an external HDD USB for video storage. Most devices have USB support now even the TV.

GaryAuthor Commented:
Just want them on DVD should the HDD blow up and some of these videos are pretty old and you rarely see them anymore, should be able to get them all on a DVD9 now.
Yes I can really appreciate your sentiment
 I used to do it like that, even bought the book stile case with 200 sleeves to store them but found that DVD discs don't last as long, the mirror can flake and scratches on the disc can prevent them playing. New technology outdates them.
Storage doesn't have permanent hardware.
So every 7 years I get a new USB external HDD and copy all my videos/movies to it.
I now use external USB  WD Buffalo. They last for many many years.
I bought Get Data Back just incase I have to recover it.
Western Digital Elements Desktop USB 3.0 2TB

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