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Replace the specific position in a file

Need to read the file each line and  replace  the specific position if  first 2 position have specific value .

Inputfile  before modification


Inputfile  after modification

If position 1-2=22  replace  position 10-13 with 'y'

If position 1-2=77 replace  position 17-19 with 'x'

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perl -i -pe 's/(?<=^22.{8}).../yyy/;s/(?<=^77.{14}).../xxx/'   Inputfile
I notice one problem with your example and ozo's code.  You say if 22 then position 10-13 which is 4 characters (not 3) so the second line should be 22testingyyyy.

I assume you are using base-1 indexes (eg first character = 1) and not typical perl base-0 (eg first character = 0)?

If so, alternately:
perl -i -pe 'if (substr($_, 0, 2) eq "22") { substr($_,9,4) = "yyyy" } elsif (substr($_,0,2) eq "77") { substr($_,16,3) = "xxx" }'

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steve wa


Thank you for correction in my example can I  put the code inside .pl script and passing inputfile as parameter?
./  test.txt

Code provided $ argv [0]
#!/usr/bin/perl -i.bak -p                                                                                                    
s/(?<=^22.{8}).../yyy/;s/(?<=^77.{14}).../xxx/  # modulo corrections in your example
I used the code provided by willcoxon.

Running like this.
Perl inputfile

Got the following error

do u need to predeclare pe?
String found where operator expected
Scalar found where operator expected
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My original answer was for a one-liner run from the command-line.  You could do the minimal modifications (see below) indicated by ozo's answer or you could use the alternate script I provide above.
#!/usr/bin/perl -i -p
if (substr($_, 0, 2) eq "22") { substr($_,9,4) = "yyyy" } elsif (substr($_,0,2) eq "77") { substr($_,16,3) = "xxx" }

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Used the multi line codr using foreach

use of uninitialized value $ argv [1] in concatenation (·) or string at
Could not tie : no such file or directoru at
Oops.  The places that have $ARGV[1] should be $ARGV[0] ($0 = program name but $ARGV[0] = first argument passed in).
Getting help very quickly.I thought i accepted  solution .Sorry for the delay.